The Best Nightlife in Park City

Park City has terrific bars, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it easy to enjoy a unique night out. At Reset IV, we want you to party enthusiastically and safely — and without worrying about a debilitating hangover the next day. 

Learn more about Park City nightlife and what IV therapy can do for you after your night out. 

Nightlife in Park City 

If you want to go out dancing, have a few drinks, eat a good meal, or experience some unique entertainment, Park City always has something to offer. 


Try these clubs for live music and dancing:

Park City Live

This is Park City’s premier location for live music, DJs, and much more. Located on Main Street, Park City Live is right at the center of the city’s nightlife. 

The club offers an excellent audio and lighting system, fully stocked bars, and a VIP mezzanine section. 

Address: 427 Main St., Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435-649-9123


For a more intimate club that still hosts world-class DJs, Downstairs is a great option. With live music many nights of the week, a relaxed atmosphere, and comfortable seating, you can dance and have a few drinks in comfort. 

Address: 625 Main St., Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435-226-5340


For great drinks and food, try these bars in Park City:

No Name Saloon

With an upstairs patio that gazes down on Main Street and a relaxed atmosphere, No Name Saloon is where locals and tourists go for good drinks. 

The bar offers a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits, and craft cocktails, as well as a signature buffalo burger. Prices are very affordable. 

Address: 447 Main St., Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435-649-6667

High West Saloon

High West Saloon sits right by the base of the Town Lift, making it ideal for those visiting Park City for skiing. The bar offers unique cocktails made with the best spirits, as well as a huge selection of bourbons and whiskeys. 

There are excellent food options, too, with tacos, chili, and more. It’s best to make a reservation before visiting. 

Address: 703 Park Ave., Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435-649-8300


When you’re ready to enjoy a good meal, check out these top-rated Park City restaurants:


Handle offers an inviting and bright atmosphere as well as delectable food options. Its dishes are seasonal and locally sourced, with new takes on traditional American fare. 

Try the cauliflower with a sweet chili glaze and sriracha vinaigrette, or go for the hearty fried chicken. While you’re there, take advantage of the restaurant’s extensive wine list and craft cocktail selections. 

Address: 136 Heber Ave., Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435-602-1155


Chimayo delivers award-winning fare with a Southwestern flair. The menu includes several inspired takes on classics, such as duck enchiladas and seared trout fajitas.

If you’re in search of a unique dining experience, try the Elk London Broil with green chile béarnaise.

Address: 368 Main St., Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435-649-6222

Riverhorse on Main

For the best in fine dining, look no further than Riverhorse on Main. This upscale eatery offers an elegant ambiance with unique takes on popular dishes. 

Start your meal with a hand-selected cheese plate or pan-seared scallops. For the main dish, try the Alaskan halibut with a macadamia nut crust. 

The menu is a bit pricier than other options, but the quality of the food makes the expense worth it. 

Address: 540 Main St., Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435-649-3536


If you want an entertaining and unique night out, try these options: 

Escape Room Park City

This escape room experience offers unique scenarios where you must use your wits to find clues and escape from a locked room. Escape Room Park City offers a few different adventures, with the Pirate Booty being one of the most popular. 

Address: 136 Heber Ave. #207, Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435-604-0556

The Paint Mixer

At The Paint Mixer, you can create a painting while sipping wine and chatting with friends. With music and a relaxed atmosphere, you can get creative while receiving instructions from a professional. 

Leave with a finished painting after sampling some wines. 

Address: 738 Main St., Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435-604-0820

Recovering from a Night of Partying in Park City

The morning after a fun night out isn’t always so fun. Dealing with hangover symptoms can complicate your day, but you can get the help you need by turning to Reset IV.

Reset IV offers IV therapy throughout Park City with options to treat the underlying causes of a hangover, including dehydration. 

Still Spinning

Still Spinning is an IV therapy for mild to moderate hangovers that can help you deal with headaches and dehydration. It includes one liter of saline as well as your choice of a painkiller, anti-nausea medication, or anti-heartburn medication. 

Basic Hydration

Basic Hydration IV therapy delivers a liter of saline to help you regain the electrolytes you lost after a night out drinking. 

Defcon 1

For more severe hangovers, try Defcon 1. This IV therapy option offers electrolytes along with two hangover-easing medications. 

The Baller

The Baller offers saline together with a Myers’ Cocktail, which contains magnesium, calcium, and B and C vitamins. You can choose to include a multivitamin cocktail in the saline or opt for a mixture of painkillers, anti-nausea medication, and anti-heartburn medication. 


If you are planning a night out, why not try to prevent a hangover instead of just dealing with its symptoms? Pre-Game includes saline to keep you hydrated, as well as B-complex vitamins to give you the energy you need for the night. 

Enjoy What Park City Offers

Park City, Utah, is a vibrant location with quality bars, restaurants, and clubs. Whether you are a tourist or a local, you can always find something great to do without worrying about a debilitating hangover the next morning. 

At Reset IV, we offer a wide range of IV therapy options that we can bring right to your front door. Call us today to learn more.