Benefits of a Niacin B3 Flush Through IV Drip

Niacin benefits virtually every part of the body. Also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid, niacin is one of the eight B vitamins. All B vitamins help convert food into energy, as they are components of crucial coenzymes. All bodily tissues convert absorbed niacin into its metabolically active form, the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). In fact, over 400 enzymes require NAD to catalyze reactions, which is more than any other vitamin-derived coenzyme.

Learn more about the benefits of niacin and NAD+ and why an IV drip is the most efficient method of receiving niacin therapy. 

What we'll cover:

Vitamin B3 complex


Key Benefits of Niacin IV Drip Therapy

When it comes to the benefits of niacin, it is a question of where to begin! The health benefits of niacin are extensive. Below is a list of the many key benefits the body may see from niacin IV drip therapy.


Blood sugar and cholesterol

For instance, niacin can assist in blood sugar regulation and lower high cholesterol. It can also reduce blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health.



Niacin also enhances metabolism and may help people dealing with metabolic syndrome. If you’re unfamiliar, risk factors for metabolic syndrome include:


As such, NAD+ mobile IV treatments may assist clients in their weight loss journey. Athletes can benefit from this therapy, too, as it increases energy and restores muscle function, helping to relieve muscle damage and pain after strenuous exercise.



Thanks to its antioxidant properties, niacin may also aid in disease prevention and DNA repair by preventing free radicals from damaging the body’s cells.



Niacin supports skin health. The benefits of niacin for the skin include protection from sun damage when applied topically. Sun exposure wreaks havoc on the skin, increasing the formation of lines and wrinkles. It is possible that niacin reduces the risk of developing nonmelanoma skin cancers. Niacin may also reduce the appearance of rosacea and may have anti-aging properties.



When it comes to eye health, sufficient niacin in the diet may lower the risk of developing cataracts.


Mental health

Niacin may benefit those with certain mental health issues, as niacin deficiency can contribute to conditions such as schizophrenia. Niacin may also prove helpful to people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Niacin provides an overall brain boost, improving mental clarity, mood, and even sleep.


How to Consume More Niacin B3 Naturally

A niacin-rich diet may include fish, meat, eggs, legumes, dairy products, or nuts. Many cereals, breads, grains, and other foods are fortified with niacin and other B vitamins. Most people will receive sufficient niacin from their diet. A lack of B3 can cause diseases such as pellagra. 


Because niacin is water-soluble, it is not stored by the body. Excess amounts are simply excreted. Niacin is also available as a supplement. Doctors often recommend it for treating specific medical issues, such as high cholesterol or hypertension.


Niacin Precautions 

Keep in mind certain precautions when it comes to niacin consumption. Too much niacin, when taken in large doses in supplement form, can cause potentially serious side effects. These include an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Extremely high doses of niacin may result in stomach ulcers or liver disease.


The most common side effect is a niacin flush. This appears as consistently red, flushed skin or a burning sensation in the face or chest. According to Mount Sinai Hospital, taking an aspirin 30 minutes before receiving a high dose of niacin may reduce the likelihood of a niacin flush. The niacin flush occurs mainly when taking supplements and when not undergoing NAD+ therapy. 


Niacin Contraindications

Despite the countless benefits, niacin does have some risks to some people. For instance, people with a history of liver or kidney disease, stomach ulcers, or gout are generally not good candidates for niacin therapy. The same holds true for those with very low blood pressure, as taking niacin may cause blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels.


Niacin may also interact with certain medications. It can increase the effects of blood thinners, making bleeding more likely. As with other B vitamins, you should never take niacin along with the antibiotic tetracycline, as antibiotic efficacy and absorption are affected.


Immediate Relief: Mobile Niacin IV Therapy

Taking oral niacin supplements is not nearly as effective as mobile IV niacin therapy. The supplements must first pass through the gastrointestinal tract before eventually entering the bloodstream, whereas, with mobile niacin IV therapy, this B vitamin goes directly into the bloodstream. 


Reset IV’s NAD+ therapy package can help those looking to do the following:


When it comes to convenience, there is no substitute for mobile IV therapy. You can receive treatment in the privacy of your home, workplace, or hotel room. Mobile IV therapy is available 24/7, and our licensed nurses generally arrive at your home within one hour of your making the appointment. The entire session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, although some NAD+ infusions may last longer. You should start feeling the effects of treatment quickly!


How often you’ll need NAD+ mobile IV therapy depends on the specific conditions for which you seek treatment. For example, neurodegenerative disorders are generally treated with 500mg of NAD+ infused daily (over 2 to 4 hours) for a 5 to 7-day period or every other day over a 10 to 14-day period.




The numerous benefits of niacin can make a huge difference in your overall health and well-being. Whether it’s combatting the effects of cell-damaging free radicals, boosting cognitive function, or controlling cholesterol, the health benefits of niacin cannot be overstated. 


For all the benefits of niacin, certain side effects may occur. That is why it is important to consult with a healthcare provider about whether niacin is right for you.


At Reset IV, our professional medical team provides mobile IV therapy to clients in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, and other locations. The safety and professionalism of mobile IV treatments are the same as those in a doctor’s office. The professionals on our medical team will answer any questions you have about your mobile IV treatment. 


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