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Our Process

Our Los Angeles Mobile IV Hydration Process

Mobile hydration therapy from Reset IV distributes vital fluids and nutrients throughout your body, fast! We’ll dispatch medical professionals to your location to help you recover the energy you need for whatever adventures lie ahead. We offer a selection of IV therapies in Los Angeles, each designed to assist with a wide range of symptoms, allowing you to choose the best fit. Our medical team will explain the benefits of each option and can even add extra vitamins to customize the IV treatment for you!

Step 1


Call or text us to schedule your treatment, or simply book online.

Step 2


A nurse will come to you, typically within an hour, with all the supplies needed to get you feeling your best again.

Step 3


Whether it’s IV therapy for a migraine, hangover, immune defense, or NAD+ you’ll start feeling the effects of your treatment quickly.



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Why Reset IV?

Why Choose Reset IV for Mobile IV Therapy in Los Angeles?

At Reset IV, we offer easy, no-hassle scheduling 24/7 to ensure treatment is always available when you need it. Book now and pay later! There are no travel fees. When you call, you will always speak to someone from our in-house team. We do not outsource our customer service, dispatch, or call center.

No matter when you book an appointment, you’ll receive prompt service from licensed, registered nurses delivered right to your home, office, or hotel room. Our extremely knowledgeable and professional nursing team can educate patients on our different offerings. We comb through hundreds of resumes to find 4 to 5 nurses that meet our standards.

At Reset IV, we use the highest quality medical equipment (including special catheters that greatly reduce pain from the IV) to give every patient the safest and most comfortable experience. Our IV drip therapy packages are formulated to address needs ranging from hangover relief to workout boosts to cold and flu remedies. Of course, you can always customize your package with additional nutrients as needed!

Join the more than 15,000 customers who have taken advantage of our mobile IV therapies in Los Angeles. You’ll be glad you chose Reset IV!

Health and Wellness Hydration Packages

Los Angeles Health and Wellness Hydration Packages

Everyone in Los Angeles wants to look their best. Our mobile hydration therapy packages are designed to help your body relax and rejuvenate so that you can step out with confidence. Whether you want to feel fresh after your workout, support healthy skin, or spruce up before a meeting, IV therapy may be the answer.

Immune Boost

This package combines a blend of incredibly powerful antioxidants to help you fight off whatever bug is going around. You're friends and...
  • Normal Saline
  • B-Complex
  • Vitamin C (Super Dose)
  • Glutathione Push

Cold and Flu

Feel Well

Do you have a sore throat, runny nose, and does your body hurt?...

  • Normal Saline
  • Vitamin C (Super Dose)
  • MultiVitamin
  • Pain Relief

Workout Boost


Whether you are getting ready for a marathon or you just finished a bootcamp class,...

  • Normal Saline
  • Vitamin B12
  • Glutamine: Amino Acid



Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme present in almost all cells in your body. Just like fuel in...

  • Normal Saline
  • NAD

Hangover IV Packages

Los Angeles Hangover IV Packages

Los Angeles is known for its nightlife. If you partied too hard or want to stave off future symptoms, our Los Angeles IV therapy hangover packages can help keep you on your feet. We offer a variety of packages that help relieve and protect against hangovers while hydrating the body with the fluid and nutrients it needs. Don’t wait to start feeling like yourself again!

Reset IV is the leading provider of on-demand IV therapy in Los Angeles. Our packages deliver many of the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function properly, look good, and feel refreshed.

Intravenous hydration therapy delivers fluid, nutrients, and medication directly into the bloodstream. IV therapy is widely used to help treat symptoms like nausea, pain, dehydration, workout exhaustion, jetlag, migraines, and more. IV nutrition also boosts vitamin and mineral levels to support overall wellness.

Why choose drip hydration therapy in Los Angeles? If you’re dehydrated, your body and cells need nutrients fast. Fluids and vitamins taken by mouth must pass through the gastrointestinal tract before being absorbed into your body – and when you don’t feel well, that wait is agonizing! Alcohol slows this process even further, so taking water and vitamins orally provides even less relief for a hangover.

No matter how much water you drink or vitamins you swallow, odds are IV therapy can offer faster relief. An IV drip delivers the nutrients you need directly to your bloodstream, skipping the absorption process entirely and providing faster, more complete hangover recovery.

Our hangover IV packages range from Basic Hydration (great for a mild hangover) to The Baller package for those who really partied hard. Choose a package based on your current symptoms or pregame to help your body avoid the effects of dehydration tomorrow!

Of course, IVs for the party scene aren’t just focused on hangovers the day after! A pregame IV can help you stay in the game longer and might prevent a hangover.



Night-You was relatively responsible last night but Morning-You is still feeling a bit...

  • Normal Saline

Still Spinning


Okay, so it’s not the worst hangover you’ve had, but that doesn’t mean you deserve...

  • Normal Saline
  • Choice of 1: Anti-Nausea, Pain Relief, or Anti-Heartburn Medications

Pre Game


Don’t wait until you feel like crap in the morning - start your night off right by...

  • Normal Saline
  • B-Complex

The Baller


You deserve to feel the best. You’ve worked hard and partied hard to earn this. With THE BALLER package...

  • Normal Saline
  • Modified Meyers Cocktail
  • Choice of either: Anti-Nausea and Pain Relief and Anti-Heartburn Medications OR MultiVitamin Cocktail

What is IV therapy

How Do Our Mobile IV Therapy Services in Los Angeles Work?

Reset IV is the leading on-demand IV service in Los Angeles. Our service delivers many of the important vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function properly, look and feel your best.

Intravenous hydration therapy is a treatment that delivers fluid, nutrients, and medication directly into your bloodstream. It is widely known that IV therapy helps treat symptoms like nausea, pain, dehydration, workout exhaustion, jet lag, migraines and more. IV nutrition also boosts vitamin and mineral levels in your body that support the overall wellness of your body.

IV therapy resets your body to help you look and feel great!

Available 24/7

Whenever you need mobile IV therapy in Los Angeles, we’re only a phone call away!

We come to you

No one wants to drive or arrange transportation when feeling under the weather. One of our nurses will arrive at your location with all the supplies needed to get you feeling your best again. We can meet you at your home, place of business, or hotel room, typically within an hour.

Safety First

All IVs are administered by our medical team, each of whom has years of experience providing IV therapy in Los Angeles. Our nurses follow the highest standards of safety, sterility, and professionalism. You’re in good hands.

Fast-acting Results

IV therapy delivers the most efficient rejuvenation treatments available. Not only do we get to you fast, but most patients see results within minutes of receiving the IV!

Why Mobile IV?

Why Mobile IV Therapy in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is not only the glamour capital of the world—it’s also a city focused on health and wellness. While mobile IV therapy is usually associated with hangover treatment, the process offers so many more benefits for everyday life!

Prompt mobile IV therapy can help you nip an oncoming cold in the bud or find relief from symptoms of flu or food poisoning. Certain IV therapy packages can help boost your metabolism and support your weight-loss journey. Do your skin, hair and nails need help? A specially designed IV package can help rejuvenate skin, strengthen nails and thicken hair. Whatever your wellness needs, there’s a mobile IV therapy in Los Angeles that can help you look and feel your best. Make an appointment now, and you may even start seeing results today!

Mobile IV therapy can offer many benefits for Los Angeles residents and visitors, including:

    → Fast-acting results
    → Stress reduction
    → Better sleep
    → Improved mood
    → More energy
    → Immune system boost
    → Healthier-looking skin

Athletes can benefit from regular mobile IV therapy sessions to ease muscle pain and improve post-workout recovery.

Hoping to regain your youthful look? Choose a mobile IV package designed to rejuvenate skin with anti-aging properties that turn back the hand of time.

Mobile IV therapy can even provide sexual health support for men dealing with ED. This package improves blood flow to the reproductive organs while increasing stamina.

Whether you need mobile IV therapy in Los Angeles for a one-time hangover treatment or to supplement your regular health regimen, you’ll find a package that meets your needs.


Made with select vitamins

Each of our IV treatments contains a unique combination of ingredients, including vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, and pyridoxine, designed to help you look and feel your best.

Safety First


Our Los Angeles medical team has administered over 15,000 IVs and has years of experience working in hospitals. Each of our medical professionals is fully licensed and insured in accordance with the strictest standards in the states in which we operate. We have an obsession with customer service and train our team to ensure you have an awesome experience.

We provide the same level of professionalism you can expect from a hospital or urgent care to ensure your IV treatment meets the highest safety standards!

Looking for IV Therapy?

Looking for IV Therapy in Los Angeles? We got you covered

LA offers some of the most exciting opportunities in the world. Whether you’re gearing up for a day at the beach or need to bounce back from a night of enjoying the countless bars, clubs, and shows throughout the city, Reset IV has just what the doctor ordered.

We want to help you stay hydrated, healthy, and energized for whatever comes next. Call us today to learn how our IV therapy packages can help you continue to enjoy everything the City of Angels has to offer!





We’re available 24/7 to serve our customers’ IV therapy needs. We’re there for you when you need us!

Once you’ve booked an appointment, expect your licensed nurse to arrive at your home, hotel, or place of business quickly, typically within 45 minutes to one hour. 

While the duration of IV therapy varies by the package and the client’s needs, most treatments take between 35 and 45 minutes. You should notice results before your IV therapy ends!

At this time, we do not accept private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. We do accept FSA cards. Keep in mind that our Los Angeles IV treatment costs are less expensive than many co-pays! 


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