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When we are delivering mobile IV therapy services in Las Vegas or anywhere in the US, customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us. That is why we are available 24/7 and come to your home, hotel, or office when you need us most – for migraines, jetlag, or just an immune boost. Our Las Vegas area registered nurses are trained in customer service to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience!

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And that number is rapidly growing as clients catch on to the wide range of benefits our Las Vegas IV therapy service provides. Although there are a great number of residents and tourists who may be looking for hangover or jet lag relief in Las Vegas, we've found that even more could use a little pick-me-up. People from all walks of life experiencing jet lag and migraines, recovering from tough workouts, managing stress, or simply looking to boost their wellness quotient can explore our doctor-recommended packages to find just the right blend for them.

Your reason for choosing Reset IV may vary, but for us, it's simple. By contracting with the best medical professionals in Las Vegas, we offer IV therapy services that give clients the relief they need using high-quality, cost-efficient medical solutions delivered intravenously.

the problem


Many people take oral supplements and medication when they have a migraine, jet lag, simply aren’t feeling well, or their body is lacking in something and needs an immune boost. However, this is not the most effective way to give your body what it needs because vitamins or medications that are taken orally must first pass through the digestive system, where they are metabolized before reaching your circulation. In addition to this, age, activity level, illness, malabsorption issues, stress, and previous gastrointestinal surgery can also influence how well your body can absorb supplements and medications.

IV Hydration therapy is widely recognized to be the fastest method of hydrating the body.

Solving your problems


IV hydration therapy from our Las Vegas medical technicians is fast, effective and gives your body the nutrients it needs to start working properly. Because IV treatments are administered directly into the bloodstream, it by passes the gastrointestinal tract, absorbing 100% of the ingredients. Not only does IV therapy help you while you receive the treatment, the results usually last for days!



If you suffer from any kind of headache, you may be dehydrated. Yet pills and a glass of water take time to work, with marginal relief. IV therapy services are widely accepted to quickly alleviate the pain of any headache one might be experiencing.


Nausea has many causes, including motion from a plane, eating too much or too little, or drinking too much alcohol. We’ve found from our experience in Las Vegas, IV therapy services help settle your stomach and make you feel steady again.


We help countless people who are experiencing stomach issues. It is the worst feeling when you need to throw up. Someone from our medical team will give you the vitamins your body needs to start feeling better.

the solution


iv hydration therapy is a fast way TO REHYDRATe your body by iNTRODUCing ESSENTIAL FLUIDS DIRECTLY INTO THE BLOODSTREAM.

IV therapy solutions can contain extra ingredients to relieve nausea and replenish vitamins and minerals. This means you no longer have to wait for pills to “kick in” or wonder about the quality or bioavailability of vitamin supplements. As it’s added to your blood supply, IV therapy can take effect in minutes.

While it’s common for us to associate dehydration with illness and hangovers, we actually become dehydrated more easily than we think. If you’re an athlete, or just very active, you can chalk some of your muscle cramps up to dehydration. The busiest among us simply forget to drink the amount of water they should, leaving them tired, dried out, and more susceptible to illness.

When we’re really sick and need to go to the hospital, we’re typically given an IV to restore fluids lost from fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. You may not be so sick that you need to go to the emergency room, but the same principle applies. People recovering from colds, flus, and food poisoning all benefit from fast, safe IV therapy services from our Las Vegas mobile nurse team.

The bottom line is that IV therapy solutions from our Las Vegas nurses are absorbed almost completely by the body, ensuring maximum efficacy of any and all ingredients included in your treatment. If you want to learn more, contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!