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Our Process

Our Las Vegas Mobile IV Hydration Process

Excitement happens around the clock in Las Vegas – and you don’t want to miss a minute! Whether you’re battling a hangover, jetlagged from your flight, or need to fortify for the night ahead, our mobile hydration therapy packages are your ticket. Choose the treatment that suits your symptoms, and our medical team will be at your door in no time. Reset your body, look great, and get back to the fun!

Step 1


Call or text us to schedule your treatment, or simply book online.

Step 2


A nurse will come to you, typically within an hour, with all the supplies needed to get you feeling your best again.

Step 3


Whether it’s IV therapy for a migraine, hangover, immune defense, or NAD+ you’ll start feeling the effects of your treatment quickly.



500+ 5-star reviews from happy customers

Why Reset IV?

Why Choose Reset IV for Mobile IV Therapy in Las Vegas?

Since 2017, more than 15,000 people have enjoyed the benefits of our mobile IV therapy services. They chose Reset IV for our fast, easy scheduling, effective treatments, and dedication to superior customer care.

Hangovers, headaches, food poisoning, colds and flu, and other conditions don’t have a timetable. That’s why our professional, licensed nurses are on-call 24/7 to deliver IV therapy to your home, hotel room, or place of business. No matter when you need our help, simply call or text. It’s that simple!

Mobile IV therapy provides fast-acting hydration, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to get you feeling your best. In addition to our standard packages, Reset IV treatments can be tailored to meet your needs. Simply choose the packages and add-ons that are right for you!

    → We have an extremely professional nursing team, handpicked from hundreds of resumes to find 4 to 5 nurses that meet our standards.
    → Our nurses are extremely knowledgeable and can help educate patients on the different offerings.
    → We use top-tier medical equipment, including special catheters that greatly reduce any pain from the IV.
    →You will always speak to someone from our in-house team 24/7. We do not outsource our customer service, dispatch, or call center.

Health and Wellness Hydration Packages

Las Vegas Health and Wellness Hydration Packages

Our hydration therapies feature vitamin and nutrient cocktails tailor-made for a variety of symptoms and situations. Whether you’re looking for a post-workout pickup, an immune system boost, or some TLC for your skin, IV therapy may be just what you need.

Immune Boost

This package combines a blend of incredibly powerful antioxidants to help you fight off whatever bug is going around. You're friends and...
  • Normal Saline
  • B-Complex
  • Vitamin C (Super Dose)
  • Glutathione Push

Cold and Flu

Feel Well

Do you have a sore throat, runny nose, and does your body hurt?...

  • Normal Saline
  • Vitamin C (Super Dose)
  • MultiVitamin
  • Pain Relief

Workout Boost


Whether you are getting ready for a marathon or you just finished a bootcamp class,...

  • Normal Saline
  • Vitamin B12
  • Glutamine: Amino Acid



Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme present in almost all cells in your body. Just like fuel in...

  • Normal Saline
  • NAD

Hangover IV Packages

Las Vegas Hangover IV Packages

Partied a little too hard last night? Don’t sweat it – your Vegas trip is far from over. Our hangover packages hydrate your body with fluid and nutrients that can help you feel refreshed and energized. From morning pick-me-ups to total system resets to pregame boosters, we’re here to help you keep the party going.

Pre-party IV therapy in Las Vegas can help you party longer and may allow you to avoid the need for a hangover package. It’s pregame!



Night-You was relatively responsible last night but Morning-You is still feeling a bit...

  • Normal Saline

Still Spinning


Okay, so it’s not the worst hangover you’ve had, but that doesn’t mean you deserve...

  • Normal Saline
  • Choice of 1: Anti-Nausea, Pain Relief, or Anti-Heartburn Medications

Pre Game


Don’t wait until you feel like crap in the morning - start your night off right by...

  • Normal Saline
  • B-Complex

The Baller


You deserve to feel the best. You’ve worked hard and partied hard to earn this. With THE BALLER package...

  • Normal Saline
  • Modified Meyers Cocktail
  • Choice of either: Anti-Nausea and Pain Relief and Anti-Heartburn Medications OR MultiVitamin Cocktail

What is IV therapy

How Do Our Mobile IV Therapy Services in Las Vegas Work?

As the leading on-demand IV service in Las Vegas, Reset IV has helped thousands of visitors and residents feel energized and healthy.

Intravenous (IV) hydration therapy delivers fluid, nutrients, and medication directly into your bloodstream. This promotes rapid absorption, meaning you may feel the rejuvenating effects in minutes! IV therapy can help relieve symptoms like nausea, pain, dehydration, workout exhaustion, jetlag, migraines, and more, while supporting overall wellness.

Whether you’re recovering from the night before or prepping for the one ahead, reset your body with IV therapy to enjoy everything Vegas has to offer!

Available 24/7

Las Vegas never sleeps – and neither do we! Whether you need to keep the party going or get ready for the next one, our hydration therapies are available any time, day or night.

We come to you

Really feeling your bed this morning? Stay right where you are. Our medical professionals will bring mobile IV therapy to your house or hotel room, typically within one hour of booking.

Safety First

Our Las Vegas IV hydration therapy is administered by medical professionals with years of training and hospital experience. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and sterility.

Fast-acting Results

Intravenous treatment means rapid absorption. Most patients begin feeling better in just a few minutes!

Why Mobile IV?

Why Mobile IV Therapy in Las Vegas?

Whether you’re visiting Las Vegas or call the city home, the non-stop pace of the Entertainment Capital of the World can take a toll on your body and mind. IV therapy in Las Vegas offers a fast, safe solution to a wide range of conditions and symptoms to ensure you keep looking and feeling your best.

While mobile IV therapy is practically synonymous with hangover relief, even teetotalers can take advantage of this fast-acting treatment. If you’re an athlete, mobile IV therapy can aid your performance or help you recuperate from competition or a strenuous workout. If you’re feeling under the weather, mobile IV therapy in Las Vegas can help ease cold and flu symptoms and maybe nip that bug in the bud. Suffering from food poisoning? Mobile IV therapy can offer relief.

For some people, just one session of mobile IV therapy in Las Vegas serves their needs. For others, such as those seeking skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction, a series of treatments can make a striking difference.

Here are some of the outcomes you can expect from mobile IV therapy in Las Vegas, depending on the therapy package you choose:

    → Stress relief from a city that runs hard 24/7
    → More energy after days and nights of activity
    → Immune system boosting
    → Better muscle strength and function
    → Cold & flu symptom relief
    → Fatigue reduction
    → Improved mood and mental clarity
    → Better sleep

Whatever your need might be, mobile IV therapy allows you to make the most of your time in Las Vegas!


Made with select vitamins

Our packages use vitamins and nutrients designed to boost the body’s overall health and sense of well-being. Each of our IV treatments contains a unique combination of ingredients like vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, and pyridoxine to deliver effective results.

Safety First


Our Las Vegas medical team has administered over 15,000 IVs and has years of hospital experience. Each of our medical professionals is fully licensed and insured in accordance with Nevada’s strictest standards. We believe no reset is complete without exceptional customer service, so we train our team to ensure you have an awesome experience every time.

When you call Reset IV, you can expect the same level of professionalism you’d receive from a hospital or urgent care. Our IV therapies are tested, proven, and delivered with medical-grade care and precision.

Looking for IV Therapy?

Partying in Las Vegas? We got you covered

Las Vegas nightlife is second to none. Besides the bars, clubs, and casinos, you’ll find parties happening day and night. But, as we all learn sooner or later, there is such a thing as too much fun. That’s where our IV therapy packages come in. Whether you’re feeling fatigued from the heat, laid out by the world’s worst hangover, or want to fortify before the night ahead, our IV hydration packages may be just the thing to put the spring back in your step. Make the most of your time in Sin City with IV therapy from Reset IV.



We provide IV therapy throughout Las Vegas, from the Strip to Summerlin. Call us for mobile IV service at your home, hotel room, or place of business.



Reset IV offers 24/7 mobile IV therapy in Las Vegas. This is a 24/7 city, with entertainment, dining, shopping and more activities available around the clock. If the city doesn’t sleep, neither do we!
Once you book your appointment, you can expect your nurse to arrive at your location within an hour. Most mobile IV treatments take between 35 and 45 minutes, though treatment may take longer depending on your treatment package choices. IV therapy acts quickly, so you should start to feel the effects before your session is over!

At this time, we do not accept private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid for mobile IV therapy services in Las Vegas. We do accept FSA cards.

Keep in mind that our mobile IV therapy services are less expensive than many insurance co-pays! 


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