The Benefits of Vitamin B6

What is vitamin B6? Why is it important and what are its benefits?

This article will give you the answers that you need to know about vitamin B6 and using IV therapy to restore your B6 levels. 

What are the benefits of vitamin B6?

Vitamin B6 is involved in a variety of crucial bodily functions, among them the following: 

  • Blood Sugar Regulation: One of the most common vitamin B6 uses includes regulating and balancing a person's blood sugar levels, which is very beneficial for diabetes patients.
  • Eye Health: The risks and symptoms of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an illness that impacts the eye and vision, can be reduced through taking vitamin B6 and other nutritional supplements.
  • Hemoglobin Production: Hemoglobin, found in the red blood cells, is responsible for delivering oxygen all throughout your body. Vitamin B6 helps with producing hemoglobin and enhancing your oxygen supply.
  • Homocysteine Regulation: Homocysteine converts proteins into different substances that your body relies on, but having too much of it in your blood could cause heart disease. Vitamin B6 keeps your homocysteine levels from getting too high.
  • Maintaining a Healthy Memory: Vitamin B6 boosts your memory and prevents cognitive decline as you age.
  • Mental Well-being: Not only does it elevate your mood and assist your brain with its regular functions, but vitamin B6 may also be used to treat depression and Alzheimer's patients.
  • Oral Health Maintenance: Vitamin B6 allows your mouth to produce good and beneficial bacteria. At the same time, it combats the bacteria that creates cavities.
  • Protection Against Inflammatory Changes: A recent study highlighted the link between vitamin B6 and inflammation. It showed that those who don't consume enough vitamin B6 are more likely to suffer from chronic inflammation (and vice versa).

Above all, vitamin B6 plays a critical role in maintaining the well being and functionality of your body's vital systems.

This underlines the significance of incorporating foods and substances that are high in vitamin B6 into your diet.

What are sources of vitamin B6?

The following foods, nutrients, and supplements are rich with vitamin B6:

  • Red meats (beef and pork), poultry, and seafood.
  • Starchy vegetables (such as potatoes) and non-citrus fruits (for example, apples, bananas, grapes, and mangoes).
  • Certain seeds and cereals.
  • Vitamin B6 or vitamin B-complex supplements.
  • IV therapy, which entails a vitamin-abundant IV solution or a blend that consists of both vitamin and non-vitamin nutrients.

With that in mind, here are 10 foods that will boost your vitamin B6 intake for you to consider:

  1. Tuna: Three ounces can give you more than 50% of the B6 that you should consume on a daily basis.
  2. Turkey: One serving is enough to supply you with half the amount of B6 that you need per day.
  3. Potatoes: One cup allows your body to get 25% of its daily B6 value.
  4. Salmon: Contains a third of the recommended B6 intake per day.
  5. Bananas: You may get 20% of your daily B6 value from each banana that you eat.
  6. Ground Beef: A serving size of three ounces entails 18% of the B6 that your body must have per day.
  7. Avocado: A single cup gives your body 20% of the B6 that it requires in a day.
  8. Cottage Cheese: A cup has 12% the recommended daily value of B6.
  9. Chickpeas
  10. Carrots

Supplying your body with these foods, nutrients, and supplements is essential, but being aware of the factors that could deplete the amount of vitamin B6 that's in your system is equally as important.

What are the causes of vitamin B6 deficiency?

Here are some of the main causes of vitamin B6 deficiencies:

  • Alcoholism: Excessive and/or problematic drinking negatively impacts your body's absorption and production of vitamin B6.
  • Malabsorption: Those who suffer from this condition struggle to get enough vitamin B6 because malabsorption reduces the small intestine's ability to process foods and nutrients.
  • Protein-energy Undernutrition (PEU): PEU is a disease that develops when the body's intake of proteins and energy isn't sufficient. PEU patients are likely to experience vitamin B6 deficiencies.
  • Pyridoxine-inactivating Drugs: Certain medications and drugs reduce or inactivate Pyridoxine, a form of vitamin B6. Isoniazid, a tuberculosis medication, is an example.
  • Renal Failure: Renal failure, a condition that makes it hard for the kidneys to function and filter blood, is a common cause for vitamin B6 deficiency (at times referred to as Pyridoxine deficiency).

There are also other factors that may lead to a B6 deficiency, such as neglecting the meats, fruits, and vegetables that contain this vitamin and not taking supplements to make up for the deficit.

A vitamin B6 deficiency comes with uncomfortable signs and symptoms, some of which can be very serious.

What are some symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency?

The following are 10 common signs you're not getting enough vitamin B6:

  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Lack of appetite and/or sleep
  • Lip dryness and/or cracks (this is potentially accompanied by a swollen tongue)
  • Morning nausea and/or vomiting
  • Peripheral neuropathy, a condition that's characterized by a numbness in the hands and/or feet
  • Reduced energy levels, which can be caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood and anemia
  • Seizures
  • Skin rashes
  • Weakened immunity

If you notice that you're having one or more of these symptoms, you may want to consider IV therapy as a way to instantly supply your body with the quantities of vitamin B6 that it needs.

What does vitamin B6 IV therapy do?

IV therapy is arguably the best and quickest way to address a vitamin B6 deficiency.

For a start, an IV needle would directly inject vitamin B6 into your system. As a result, your bloodstream immediately absorbs it and your body's vitamin B6 levels will increase right away.

How quickly does B6 IV therapy work?

This largely depends on the person. However, in the majority of cases, patients tend to feel and realize the full benefits of B6 IV within 24 hours after their last injection.

How long does B6 IV last?

A few factors might influence how long you'll feel the effects of a B6 IV for. Perhaps the most noteworthy one is the amount of B6 that you lack.

In other words, those with a high degree of vitamin B6 depletion will notice improvements relatively quickly since their body immediately absorbs it.

Generally speaking, a B6 IV's benefits typically last for about a week.

You may or may not need another session. This depends on your individual circumstances.

How often should you get B6 IV therapy?

The necessary frequency of your B6 IV therapy sessions is based on these three aspects:

  • Your Treatment Plan: If your doctor set up an IV therapy treatment plan to address your vitamin B6 deficiency, you want to follow their recommendations for when and how often you get treated.
  • Personal Preferences: Those who can supply their body with enough vitamin B6 through other methods (such as oral supplements) may get B6 IV therapy based on their personal preferences.
  • The Length of the First Session: Your first session could be relatively long if you require a large amount of B6 or multiple injections. Consider whether this will be the case for your future sessions and how it impacts your time, schedule, and general obligations.

Patients who experience uncomfortable side effects should also take that into account as they decide on their IV sessions' frequency.

Are there any side effects of B6 IV therapy?

Some people have the following side effects after a B6 IV therapy session:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Foul smells or tastes
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Bruising
  • Pain in the area or arm that had the injection
  • Stomach pain
  • Overdosing on vitamin B6 (when 500 mg or more are taken in a single day)

Most of these side effects go away on their own within a short period of time.

Meanwhile, the best way to avoid an overdose and ensure that you're getting the right quantity of vitamin B6 is to work with a team of experienced and highly-trained IV therapy providers, such as the professionals at Reset IV.

IV Therapy Packages That Include Vitamin B6

Reset IV offers a variety of vitamin B-complex IV therapy packages that contain appropriate and effective amounts of vitamin B6.

Based on what you need and prefer, here are Reset IV's vitamin B6 and B-complex packages that you may choose from:

Immune Boost

Whether you're sick from a germ/bug or after a night of drinking, this antioxidant package cleanses your body and restores its energy.

The vitamin B-complex in Immune Boost, which is combined with saline, vitamin C, and glutathione, restores the nutrients that your body lost as a result of drinking or fighting off an illness.


An excellent choice for long-distance travelers, this package blends vitamin B-complex with pain medication, a MultiVitamin cocktail, and saline.

Those who are struggling to cope in a different timezone will appreciate how JetLag mixes B-complex components and electrolytes to reduce stress and fatigue. 

Pre Game

Rather than wait until you're hungover, the Pre Game package hydrates you and fills your body with vitamins ahead of a night of partying.

Pre Game has two ingredients: Saline and vitamin B-complex. The latter preserves the nutrients that you would normally lose when you drink.


Last, but certainly not least, is the Prenatal package, which is made for pregnant women who are in their first trimester.

Although Prenatal doesn't contain B-complex, it does have Pyridoxine (a form of vitamin B6). Saline and (when approved by the doctor) Zofran are the package's two other ingredients.

To clarify, Pyridoxine helps the brain balance its serotonin and dopamine production, reduces nausea, and decreases the risk of heart disease.

Other Packages

The following Reset IV packages have MultiVitamin mixtures with B6:

  • Cold and Flu: In combination with other substances and vitamins, vitamin B6 assists your body in combating illnesses and minimizes flu and cold symptoms.
  • The Baller: The Modified Meyers Cocktail (vitamin B6 is one of its ingredients) is great for hangovers and various other illnesses.
  • Food Poisoning: This package's MultiVitamin mixture restores the vitamins that you lost (including B6) from vomiting or diarrhea. 
  • Stomach Flu: With Stomach Flu, Saline and Pepcid are added alongside the vitamins of your choice. Among them are vitamins A, B1, B6, and C.
  • Relaxation: This package relieves your stress, anxiety, and frustration through supplying you with B6, other vitamins, saline, magnesium, and taurine.

Furthermore, if deemed as medically suitable and safe, Reset IV can administer other medications and vitamins as part of these packages upon request.

How safe is IV therapy?

Here at Reset IV, we take many steps to ensure that your IV therapy session is as safe, beneficial, and seamless as possible.

Before we start your treatment, you can expect us to conduct the following safety protocols:

  1. Reset IV's trained physicians and/or nurses must initially give you a medical evaluation and consultation (for free) in order to approve your treatment.
  2. Our staff review your health history and a list of any medications that you are currently taking to determine if there are potential negative side effects or interactions. From there, they give you their recommendations.
  3. The team at Reset IV will ask you if you have allergies to food, medications, or the IV drip's ingredients.
  4. After the treatment is concluded, Reset IV's nurses might temporarily monitor you to make sure that you don't experience a bad reaction. Although they rarely occur, examples of post-IV treatment complications include vein inflammations and infections.

Regardless of whether you need IV therapy to treat a vitamin B6 deficiency, manage the symptoms of an illness, recover from a hangover, or for any other reason, the team at Reset IV is here to provide you with the safe, efficient, and fast-acting treatment that you desire.

While we don't accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, our rates are much cheaper than most of the co-pays that you can expect to pay with these plans.

Once you get in touch, our team will be at your location within 45 minutes or less! We are available 24 hours per day and seven days a week.

Give us a call at 1-844-387-4870 or click here to contact us.