A Guide to IV Hydration Therapy

IV hydration therapy is the latest trend that you can easily access without having to go to a regular clinic or a hospital.

Nowadays, IV therapy is used for everything from food-poisoning to rehydration due to a hangover.

What does IV hydration do?

Hydration therapy is a specialized treatment  that involves the administration of IV fluids into the bloodstream using an IV bag filled with a mixture of customized fluids and an IV needle. 

These fluids contain specific electrolytes, medications, or nutrients that help promote hydration along with other ingredients and additives that can be used to enhance general health. Common ingredients include:


  •       Calcium
  •       Magnesium
  •       B Vitamins


IV hydration is typically painless after the initial needle stick and in fact, some people even find IV treatment to be relaxing. 

People seek out this kind of IV therapy to hydrate more easily than what would be possible by simply drinking water. IV therapy has a long history of effectiveness which is why it’s used so regularly in conventional medicine settings like hospitals and clinics.

Does IV hydration therapy work?


In conventional hospitals intravenous therapies are used to dramatically increase the odds of survival when patients have low blood pressure, or if they’ve experienced a dangerous infection of massive bleeding. 

With Reset IV, IV hydration therapy can be used by patients to get fluids into the body quickly in order to avoid the symptoms of hangover or to promote rapid recovery from illness or extreme athletic activities. 

IV hydration is a valuable and important tool that anyone can use to avoid some of the unpleasant symptoms of illness or toxicity due to overconsumption of alcohol.


IV hydration therapy is a mainstay in conventional medicine because it works. 

The human body is made up of approximately 60-75% water. Every chemical reaction that occurs in the body takes place in a watery environment. 

So, when a person becomes dehydrated, necessary chemical reactions are slowed or brought to a stop. This can have negative consequences on a patient’s health.


Additionally, you can request hydration IV therapy that has been customized to contain specific nutrients or medications to help you overcome pain or infection, relief from nausea after a heavy night of partying, or to simply improve your overall health. 

Is IV better than drinking water when it comes to rehydration?


When it comes to rehydrating the body, IV therapy has some advantages over drinking water. 

If your stomach and digestive lining is irritated and inflamed for any reason, it may be difficult to absorb the water and electrolytes that you need to rehydrate your body completely. 

Rehydrating via IV therapy allows you to replace fluids directly into the bloodstream rather than risking additional irritation and inflammation of the digestive lining while drinking by mouth. 

An IV bag can be customized by our medical professionals to contain the perfect amount of electrolytes needed to rehydrate your body easily and evenly via the bloodstream. In contrast drinking fluids can have unpredictable and much slower results even if you’re drinking electrolyte-enriched drinks.


If you’ve become dehydrated, it’s wise to keep drinking water if you can, but if you have a severe hangover or an illness that’s causing vomiting or diarrhea, rehydrating by drinking may be difficult or even impossible. 

Even the excessive mucus production caused by colds and influenza can lead to dehydration (because water in the body is recruited to create mucus when you have a respiratory infection).

 When you rehydrate using IV therapy, your body can get ahead of the illness or the toxicity that’s causing symptoms like nausea, dizziness, fatigue, sinus or bronchial congestion, or headache to reduce those symptoms.

How long does a hydration IV last?

A hydration IV treatment usually lasts between 15 and 90 minutes but it varies from person to person. 

Plan to devote at least one hour for your hydration IV therapy treatment. Schedule your treatments about 2 weeks apart to keep your nutrient levels elevated after you stabilize your health goals. 

Can you drink water while on IV?

While you don’t necessarily need to drink water when you are receiving IV hydration therapy, some people still feel the desire or need for a nice cool sip of water. 

In hospital settings there are certain situations where patients are not allowed to drink water while on IV, but if you are receiving IV hydration therapy through Reset IV for a hangover cure or for another healing-motivated cause, there’s no issue. 

You are more than welcome to drink water while you are receiving your IV hydration therapy treatment with us!


IV hydration therapy is a much more affordable alternative to becoming ill due to a lack of proper nutrients and proper hydration. 

Even if you make a strong effort to drink plenty of water each day, maintenance IV hydration therapy can help you prevent illness, hangovers, and much more, which is why this type of therapy has become so popular.

How much does IV hydration therapy cost?

IV hydration therapy has a variable cost depending on the size of the IV bag and the ingredients added. Reset IV offers a few different packages for maximum health and hydration that are tailored to the needs of individuals in various situations. Here are some of our best and most effective IV therapy packages for hydration:


This IV is pure saline with nothing added. It’s perfect if you need only a boost of hydration and nothing else.

  •       Relaxation IV (normal saline, magnesium, taurine, and multivitamins) - $299

Stress is no joke, and being dehydrated can add a layer of discomfort on top of things. The Relaxation IV has magnesium (an electrolyte) to increase hydration, taurine as an antioxidant, and multivitamins to boost your brain and body power.

  •       Workout Boost IV (normal saline, BCAAs, vitamin B12, Glutamine, L-Arginine, Lysine, Citrulline, and Carnitine) - $309

If you’re an athlete it’s likely that one of your top priorities is hydration. Our Workout Boost IV gives you added hydration in addition to a special BCAA formula and other amino acids to increase your athletic performance.

Being dehydrated can wreak havoc on your hair, skin and nails. This special hydration IV is designed to increase hydration while also giving your body what it needs to grow beautiful, luscious hair and maintain glowing skin and strong nails.

  •       Defcon 1 IV (normal saline and choice of 2: anti-nausea, anti-heartburn, or pain relief medications) - $229

After a night of hardcore partying, chances are good you’re dehydrated. Give your body what it needs with our Defcon 1 hydration IV.

  •       Pre Game IV (normal saline and B-complex vitamins) - $199

The Pre Game IV is great to use before a night of partying if you’re trying to avoid getting too dehydrated in the first place. B-vitamins give you an extra boost of energy and help prevent a severe hangover.

  •       Cold and Flu (normal saline, vitamin C Super Dose, multivitamins, and Pain Relief medication) - $319

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than being sick and dehydrated. Our Cold and Flu IV is designed to provide maximum hydration while also increasing immunity and minimizing the discomfort that goes along with these seasonal illnesses.

Tired and thirsty? The Fatigued/Dehydrated IV will give you the perfect pick-me-up to start your day with energizing caffeine, antioxidant taurine, and essential vitamin B12.

  •       Immune Boost IV (normal saline, B-complex, vitamin C Super Dose, and glutathione push) - $279

During the winter cold and flu season, extra hydration and improved immunity is extremely important. The Immune Boost IV gives your body what it needs to fight off illness while also giving you increased hydration so you can feel your best.


All of our IV hydration therapy products are administered by qualified health professionals. No matter which hydration therapy package you choose, feel free to ask questions before, during, or after the appointment and we’ll be happy to answer! 

If you’re not sure which package to choose, send us a message or call us and we can advise you according to your personal needs and preferences. Our products are considered generally safe by the FDA and your IV treatment will be administered by licensed health professionals.

Is IV hydration therapy FDA approved?

The products offered through Reset IV have not been directly evaluated by the FDA, however, the FDA does consider IV hydration therapy and other related intravenous therapies to be generally safe. 

Our IVs are administered by physicians and nurses and the quality of care you will receive is on par with what you would get in a hospital or another healthcare institution. We use high quality tools and ingredients and keep up to date with all of the regulations and requirements of the states and municipalities in which we operate.


Besides our rigorous safety standards and the high level of education that each staff member possesses, we operate with the knowledge that IV hydration therapy has been safely used for hundreds of years by physicians around the world. When you book a session with Reset IV, you can be sure that you’ll get fast, safe, and effective care.

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