IV Therapy for a Hangover Cure

Use our IV Therapy products to get rid of your hangover. 

IV therapy has become famous for its ability to cure a hangover, but why is this a better option than just drinking lots of water while you’re out on the town partying? 

There are reasons why IV therapy works better and more reliably than just replenishing fluids by mouth. In this article, we discuss the mechanics of IV therapy for hangovers to help you understand how and why this therapy is able to get you on your feet again in an hour or less with very little hassle and at an affordable cost.

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Does an IV get rid of a hangover?

A hangover is a set of symptoms that develop after over-consumption of alcohol. These symptoms tend to be very unpleasant and they can include the following:


  •       Dizziness
  •       Nausea
  •       Vomiting
  •       Fatigue
  •       Headache
  •       Dry mouth


Frequent hangovers often lead to poor performance at work as well as relationship issues. They most commonly occur when a person has had a lot of alcohol to drink, though the amount of alcohol that it takes to cause a hangover varies from person-to-person. 

In fact, the amount of alcohol it takes to cause a hangover may vary over time even for the same person as tolerance develops and depending on the type of alcohol a person chooses to drink. So there is no way to really prevent a hangover from happening by monitoring the amount of alcohol you drink.


Though most hangovers go away within about 24 hours, many people seek out IV therapy to treat a hangover because the symptoms are so uncomfortable and they seem to last forever. One IV treatment thoroughly rehydrates the body to get rid of toxins and restore any nutrients that were lost during a night of intense partying. By cleansing your system using IV fluids that contain specific vitamins and nutrients, you’ll feel better within 30 to 60 minutes rather than having to endure an entire day of feeling awful.


Many people believe that if they drink a glass of water after every glass or shot of alcohol that they’ll be able to surmount the problem of the day-after hangover. But water isn’t the only thing that you need to stay hydrated and after a heavy night of drinking, your body is also full of toxins. So preventing a hangover is not just about drinking water. We talk more about this in the next section.

Is IV better than drinking water?

Though water is a crucial element in the hydration-equation, it’s not the whole story.  

It’s true that alcohol is a diuretic which means that it causes the body to excrete water faster than usual and this can lead to horrible hangover symptoms. But dehydration isn’t the sole cause of hangovers. In addition to needing more water after a heavy night of drinking, you also need to replenish certain vitamins and nutrients as well as electrolytes to avoid vertigo, nausea, and headaches. 

Below are some of the vitamins and nutrients that you might choose to include in your IV drip package:


  •   Vitamin B1
  •   Vitamin B2
  •   Vitamin B3
  •   Vitamin B5
  •   Vitamin B6
  •   Vitamin B12
  •   Biotin
  •   Folic Acid
  •   Vitamin C
  •   Methionine, Inositol, and Choline


Additionally, some of our clients choose to receive Modified Myer’s Cocktail that contains a variety of different nutrients to help ward off not only symptoms of hangover, but to also enhance general health on a day-to-day basis.


Drinking pure, filtered water in high quantities along with alcohol in high quantities can actually cause an imbalance of electrolytes in the body, not unlike what happens if you’re in heat for a long time. 

And though drinking an electrolyte-infused drink might be helpful in preventing some hangovers, if you don’t inject an electrolyte-infused saline with the proper vitamins and nutrients into the body, your body may still have trouble absorbing the fluids and nutrients through your stomach tissues if your digestive system is irritated.


Bypassing the stomach by injecting something directly into the blood makes it easy for the body to absorb fluids, which is why IV therapy is so effective. When your stomach is irritated and you feel nauseated already, it can be uncomfortable to drink water. 

And many high-electrolyte sports drinks contain brominated vegetable oils (BVOs), which can make you feel even worse the day after a night at the bar.


Using an IV, you can push fluids, electrolytes, and all the nutrients that you’re missing directly into your bloodstream so that it can go where it needs to go and heal the organs that are screaming at you after you go out partying all night. 

Your liver needs special care after a lot of drinking and our IV bags are designed to coddle it with nutritional elements designed to prevent damage and purge toxins quickly. Drinking just plain water or even electrolyte-infused drinks can’t work this kind of magic.


IV therapy for hangovers offers a lot of advantages over just drinking plain water. For example, you can go in for a drip the day before a night out on the town to prevent a future hangover. And, IV therapy has other health benefits too, beyond just hangover treatment. This is the type of therapy you can use to keep your body and your mind functioning at its best without having to change your lifestyle.


If you’re concerned about the cost of this kind of treatment, continue reading. Because this is such an important and healthy treatment for heavy-drinkers, IV drips for hangovers are designed to be affordable for the average consumer.

How much is an IV drip for a hangover?

IV treatment for hangovers is affordable for any budget. Chances are, the cost of one treatment is less than a rack of ribs and a night of alcoholic beverages at the local bar and grill. And it’s worth it to feel your best even the morning after. An IV drip is a lot cheaper than losing a day at work or ending up at the doctor’s office due to health problems from drinking too much. Our prices range from $159 to $349 per bag depending on the type of ingredients you choose to include.


There are a number of different IV packages available depending on your needs and the intensity level of your drinking habits. We offer five different IV drip options including special saline bags designed for priming during the pre-party time period so you can be on your toes the whole night and the next day. 

You’ll have the option to choose from our five different products depending on your symptom severity and how much you had to drink (or plan to drink). The effects are long-lasting to get you through the typical period of time when you would experience the symptoms of hangover.

How long does IV fluid last?

An IV infusion treatment for hangovers usually takes between 25 and 45 minutes to complete. Most people start feeling better almost right away, with the maximum effects being reached shortly after the completion of the treatment. Because every person’s body is different, and every infusion offered has slightly different specifications, certain IV infusion treatments may take more or less time to complete.


IV therapy is a simple and stress-free treatment that will create little to no interference in your daily schedule. During the IV treatment, you can talk, watch TV, play on your phone, read a book, or do almost any other activity you can think of that you can do while sitting down. The entire treatment will take approximately an hour to complete from start to finish, including set up before the treatment and take down afterwards.


The hydration effects of an IV treatment take effect immediately, but depending on your daily habits, the reasons for your IV treatment, and individual physiology, the effects of an IV infusion can last for a variable amount of time, but they’re designed to make you feel better for the duration of time when you’d normally feel hungover. 

Because of the safety and efficacy of the treatment, some people choose to receive IV hydration treatment on a regular basis while other people only request treatment on a case-by-case basis, such as after an intense night of partying or before a major athletic competition. No matter what your reason is for receiving an IV hydration treatment, you can rest easy that it’s safe and highly effective.

Is IV hydration safe for use as a hangover cure?

IV hydration therapy is an extremely safe treatment to use as a hangover cure. All of our providers are qualified nurses (or individuals with an even higher level of education and training than nurses) who are trained to administer IVs safely without the risk of infection or other potential complications. 

The medical professionals on our team are also trained to administer each IV infusion as painlessly as possible. Our hydration IVs and vitamin therapies are some of the safest available, with each formula being carefully made for maximum health and maximum safety.


The common use of IV therapy dates back over 200 years to the early 1800s when transfusions of saltwater were regularly used to treat cholera and other ailments. Today, saline solution infusions are normal and safe treatments for dehydration. As a hangover cure, IV infusions of saline solution are highly effective, especially when combined with other vitamins and minerals such as glutathione and vitamin C.


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