Understanding A Two Day Hangover

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We have all been there. That moment after a long, yet extremely fun night of drinking when you are just beginning to open your eyes and suddenly you feel it-the pounding head, upset stomach and nausea, cold sweats, and if you are like some, the added anxiety that naturally comes with that unavoidable hangover. 

Hopefully it doesn’t linger, but you have also been prone to those two-day hangovers that leave you guessing whether you really just had too much to drink or you have actually come down with some awful 48 hour flu-like virus. 

So, what is a hangover? What is happening to the body and what causes those awful, two-day hangovers? Most importantly what can you do to get rid of a two-day hangover? 

In this article, we will discuss all of that and more, diving into the almighty beast of a hangover, what causes them and the magical antidotes that can help you start feeling better fast.

What exactly is a hangover?

To start, what is a hangover? What is happening to the body & why do you feel sick? With drinking the highs can be so high and the lows so very low. You may go from feeling on top of the world the night before to feeling like death the next morning. 

The euphoric feeling of being intoxicated often comes with a hefty price the next morning in the form of an angry hangover. There are an abundance of theories and ideas floating around and passed amongst circles of friends ranging from dehydration to withdrawal. 

In simple terms, a hangover is the body’s response to drinking too much alcohol. It can present itself with a variety of symptoms and differs from person to person, depending on a whole mess of factors.

Symptoms can include:

  •       Headache
  •       Nausea and loss of appetite
  •       Sweating (cold sweats also common)
  •       Vomiting and diarrhea
  •       Heartburn and/or indigestion
  •       Dry mouth and excessive thirst
  •       Shakiness and dizziness
  •       Anxiety and irritability
  •       Fatigue
  •       Light and/or sound sensitivity (which goes along with irritability)

Sounds like fun yet? As if this extensive list of hangover symptoms isn’t enough, some people suffer from more severe symptoms including seizures, excessive vomiting, breathing complications, confusion, and even loss of consciousness. 

While these may sound extreme, and typically these symptoms accompany more than just one too many chardonnays at dinner, they are certainly not to be taken lightly and we would be remiss if we failed to include the serious symptoms when discussing what a hangover could possibly entail.

What causes bad hangovers?

Hangovers can result from binge drinking or even just having a few drinks with dinner depending on your tolerance, as well as factors such as your body weight and genetic makeup, food intake, use of other drugs or chemical interactions, and even the type of alcohol that you consumed. 

Generally speaking, dehydration is a guilty culprit in the crummy feeling that accompanies a hangover. Typically, when you are enjoying those beverages the night before the hangover ensues, you are also urinating more, causing your body to get rid of not just the drinks you have consumed but also the other forms of hydration within your system.

Another factor of alcohol consumption that can contribute to a hangover is the fact that alcohol in itself can disrupt the stomach’s natural environment. This can then create a more toxic and acidic environment which can lead to the nausea, heartburn, indigestion, vomiting and even diarrhea that are so common with a bad hangover. 

Let’s keep the list going with the inflammatory response that comes as a result of alcohol consumption and can cause those symptoms of confusion, appetite and memory loss. Have you ever “blacked out?” This occurs when you struggle to recall details from the previous night, whether it be an entire portion of the evening or foggy bits and pieces and yet again, you have alcohol to thank. 

Now, for some of you, that may be a blessing in disguise as you reflect back on those embarrassing dance moves, but for others, this can add to the anxiety that comes with a hangover which I like to call “the dirty demons.”

The moodiness, irritability, fatigue you are feeling after a boozy night on the town is attributed to the drop in blood sugar that your body experiences as a response to alcohol consumption. The headache that even a prescription strength Motrin can’t seem to kick is from the dilated blood vessels.

The two-day hangover

Now that we’ve discussed the science behind a hangover, the body’s physiological response to excessive alcohol consumption, let’s talk about that hangover that just won’t seem to quit. 

Picture this: It is Friday afternoon and your boss lets you off the clock early. You decide to meet up with some of your friends at your favorite Mexican spot for some half priced, happy hour margaritas. Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? 

The first goes down smoothly, followed by a second, third, and so on-after all it is happy hour and they are half priced, you’re getting this weekend started off on the right foot! Then, happy hour turns into drinks with, or drinks for, dinner followed by a long, albeit fun night at the bar, and of course the much-needed night cap over a card game with friends after the bar has announced “last call”-last call for them maybe, but not you and your crew. 

Suddenly it is 3:00 am and you are about three sheets to the wind and ready to crash into the sweet abyss of your bed sheets. Saturday morning rolls around and, whoa, it is as if you’ve been hit by a MACK truck. Nothing some extra strength Aleve and a big mac can’t cure, or so you’ve thought. 

As it would happen, your Saturday is spent nursing yourself back to health with personal bargaining along the lines of “if I can just kick this I’ll never drink again.” Finally, you are able to drift off to dreamland with hopes of a better tomorrow, only to wake up Sunday morning feeling equally, if not more, awful than the day before.

What in the actual hell is this? This my friend is the dreaded two-day hangover and while it isn’t necessarily common, it certainly can, and does, happen.

What factors contributed to a two day hangover?

  •       Age - There is evidence to support the fact that as you age your body becomes less capable of breaking down and processing alcohol. This means that your 30-year-old self may not be able to hang like your 21 year old self did. Who would have thought?
  •       Food - Drinking on an empty stomach can lead to unpleasant hangover symptoms like nausea, vomiting, heartburn and indigestion. It is best to fill up the night before, preferably on carb-heavy foods that will provide a barrier between the booze and your angry stomach.
  •       Hydration - While it is certainly easier said than done, there is truth to the idea that if you break up your alcoholic beverages with glasses of water you can lessen the misery of your hangover. As mentioned, dehydration is a big contributing factor to feeling like crud the next day, and even the day after that. So, if you’re looking to avoid this, try adding in some of that miraculous H2O to your drink line-up.
  •       What you drink - Research shows that certain types of booze can contribute to harsh hangovers more than others. Have you ever heard of a congener? Yea, neither had I until I was determined to never lose another weekend to a two-day booze-induced “flu” (aka a hangover) ever again. Turns out light colored alcohol could possibly help ease those symptoms. In a nutshell, if you are headed out for the night, steer clear or the rums, red wines, and dark beers and you just might spare yourself some of the dread. Naturally, this isn’t foolproof, but experts have suggested this may be a factor in those nasty hangovers.
  •       How frequently you consume alcohol - If you are one who doesn’t typically drink much but you have decided it is bottom’s up for your best friend’s wedding, chances are you are going to feel the effects much more than your spirit-loving spouse. Tolerance is a thing, and while alcoholism is real and can be very frightening, your chances of feeling like garbage for days on end are lessened if you frequently indulge.

Now, if you combine these factors, you may just be faced with a hangover that extends past just the morning after. Additionally, your efforts to cure your hangover, despite your good intentions, could also be contributing to the lingering of those crummy symptoms. 

Take the aforementioned big mac-super sized-with extra greasy French fries… just the ticket, right? Those foods that you crave after a night of heavy drinking, as delicious as they are, aren’t necessarily providing your system with the nutrition it needs to properly recover. Instead the fast food order, while it may be a temporary fix, is going to add to the sluggishness and general feelings of malaise in the long run. You are probably also trying to play catch up with the water intake, but keep in mind that based off of just how much you drank the night prior, this could be quite the feat, extending that dehydration into the days ahead.

What can you do to cure your two-day hangover?

One of the worst parts of a hangover, especially a lingering hangover, is the constant reminder in the back of your mind that you brought this upon yourself. Yup, the awful cold sweats, pounding headache, and relentless nausea are 100% your own fault as a result of your over-indulgent self. 

So, what can you do to remedy the hangover and how can you end the misery? Here are some common suggestions for curing your hangover and the details as to whether or not they actually work.

  •       Eating a lot will help cure your hangover

Yes and no. Eating can help ease your symptoms and put you on the road to recovery. However, the foods that sound good to you versus the foods that are actually good for you may differ vastly. Think about it-who wants to chow down on avocado while feeling like you’re going to hurl? Most likely no one! You are most likely going to reach for the potato chips, greasy pizza, and other types of feel good food over the spinach and bananas. Depending on how bad you feel, if you can stomach (or cook) those foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, chances are they could help alleviate some of your symptoms. Start with a hearty, healthy breakfast followed by a long rest and you just might find some relief!

  •       Throwing up will ease your symptoms.

Well, not necessarily. Throwing up, either while drunk or hungover, may temporarily relieve your symptoms, especially those symptoms of nausea, but unfortunately it is just that-a temporary fix. If you have reached the point of severe nausea & feel as if you want to vomit, the alcohol has already reached your bloodstream. It can actually be quite a vicious cycle, especially if you’re making yourself vomit. 

Hangovers signify that your body is dehydrated and vomiting only further dehydrates you. So while it may temporarily relieve the nausea, it will return and often even worse than it was before. Additionally, you risk damaging your esophagus when you vomit because you’re bringing up stomach acid, possibly burning or tearing the lining to your esophagus. In short, while throwing up may be involuntary, it isn’t recommended that you self-induce. Vomiting to reduce the nausea will only trick you into thinking you are on the mend, prior to coming back with a vengeance.

  •       Popping pain relievers will ease the symptoms.

True. But proceed with caution when choosing your pain reliever. You’ll want to steer clear of medications such as Tylenol which are known to process through the stomach, and an already irritated one at that. Stick with your traditional anti-inflammatories such as Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, etc. These can help with those pounding headaches and other aches and pains brought by those crazy dance moves from the night before.

Can IV fluid bags help with two day hangovers?

Recently trending are the quick fix, IV fluid bags, found here. You may have seen something similar on your favorite medical drama-the physician shows up to work at the hospital the morning after a night of heavy tequila drinking and hooks themselves up to an IV hydration bag often referred to as a “banana bag” for its vitamin rich contents. 

Turns out, this form of recovery isn’t just for television and it does in fact work. Similar to how you picked your poison the previous night, with Reset IV you are able to choose from a variety of packages, as you pick your antidote.

These bags of magic come jam-packed with vitamins and minerals known to help ease hangover symptoms. What is even more is that as you peruse the package options, you can also choose to add pain relievers and anti-nausea medications, making IV hydration the ultimate cocktail of your dreams.

Now that you are sold, you are probably wondering exactly how this whole process works. You will be pleased to know that Reset IV Hydration can be found in your major party-zone hotspots including Las Vegas, South Florida, and Los Angeles, with the hopes to expand to even more cities. 

After you have decided upon an antidote, a medical professional will arrive at your home, office, or even yacht to administer the IV and have you feeling back to normal in no time. And don’t be scared away by the price tags on the magic potions. Reset IV uses high-quality, medical-grade products with highly trained medical professionals administering in the safest way making it well worth the money.

What’s the catch?

Get this… there isn’t one! IV therapy truly is a safe and effective way to cure (or prevent, check out the pre-game package) your worst hangover. With this low-risk, quick fix, you are delivering hydration and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Treatments generally take between 25-45 minutes and you’ll be well on your way to recovery. 

Who knew that you could actually have your cake and eat it too? Who knew that after a night of living your best life, you could return to your normal self with some IV liquid hydration filled with all the good stuff? It is true!

No one wants to be a Debbie Downer, turning down a drink just as the night is getting started. But, the majority of us also don’t want to pay for that extra vodka and tonic the next morning either. 

Indulging in some libations can be a surefire way to have a great time when you’re celebrating or even simply enjoying a nice dinner. We turn to wine to help us unwind after a stressful day and pour a glass of champagne (or six) to celebrate our friend’s engagement. Alcoholic beverages have become a normal staple in modern society adding excitement to virtually any social situation or even spicing up that Netflix and chill date-night. 

Unfortunately, those drinks often come with a hefty price of an angry hangover consisting of a pounding headache, awful nausea and just generally feeling terrible. However, by educating yourself on the causes, prevention techniques, and possible remedies, you may just be able to dodge that unwanted morning after hangover. Have fun, yet be smart. Fill up on good, hearty foods at dinner and plan for a nutritious and filling breakfast. Integrate some water in between your cocktails and pop some Motrin prior to hitting the sack. Stick to clear beverages when possible and get familiar with your own body and your own limits.

Finally, schedule a visit from a Reset IV professional. You will feel confident in your indulgences and enjoyment of the evening knowing that there will be an end to your morning agony.