IV At Home


When many people picture someone using an IV at home, most would imagine a potentially somber situation where a patient is unable to properly care for themselves. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Many people are choosing to use an IV at home for multiple health benefits. Recently, more small businesses have opened up that provide supplies and even home visits to administer an IV line to people in their residence. And, this method can be used to treat many different conditions, and some of those include uses you might not think of, such as hydration and even hormone replacement therapy.

If you're into your health and staying in shape, you're in the right place. This article will examine the benefits of using an IV at home.

What Is an IV Drip?

An IV drip is what you would consider a "saltine" mixture. These drips are a combination of salt and water and are commonly administered in the emergency room to many patients. Typically these combos are used to combat dehydration for a number of different conditions.

When these are used at home, they can be just as efficient for helping individuals overcome certain situations. These are great for using as a regular option to stay hydrated. Many people forget to drink their daily intake of water, and using an IV drip can be a great way to combat this. Hangovers can also be defeated using this method.

Vitamins can also be infused in an IV drip, giving an individual their recommended daily dose of nutrients. This is a great way to strengthen the immune system and boost energy, considering most people don't get the daily dose their doctor recommends.

IV drips can be great for regulating nerve, muscle function, and blood pressure since they contain the following:

  •         Potassium
  •         Electrolytes
  •         Calcium
  •         Bicarbonate
  •         Magnesium
  •         Chloride and phosphate

Besides what they can infuse into your body, what other benefits can these IV drips have for an individual?

Benefits of IV Fluid Drip

  •         An IV drip bypasses the digestive system. This means there is no wait time for the nutrients and vitamins to be absorbed by the body.
  •         The process isn't invasive, as it only requires one small IV line inserted into the patient's arm.
  •         These drips are great for giving the proper amount of vitamins to someone who normally wouldn't ingest the proper amount.

The Home IV Drip Process

The process of inserting an IV drip at home is incredibly simple. After choosing the right company, a certified nurse will come to your home. They will carefully insert a small catheter into your vein with the help of a needle.

Once the vein is accessed, the needle is removed, leaving only the catheter in the arm. There is a bag containing the IV drip that the catheter is attached to. After the proper length of time, the catheter is removed, and the process is over.

How Long Does It Take to Receive IV Therapy?

The time will vary depending on how long it takes the nurse to set up. However, the process usually only takes between 30 and 45 minutes on average.

What to Do Before IV Therapy?

It's important to follow these simple steps before IV therapy to ensure a smooth process.

1.      Hydrate

Make sure you hydrate properly before the process. This makes it easier for the nurse to locate a vein.

2.      Eat

Make sure you eat regular meals before the nurse arrives. This will prevent you from feeling weak during the procedure. Proteins are normally the best things to eat.

3.      Relax

Make sure you relax before and during the process. This ensures the nurse has an easier time completing the drip.

4.      Prepare Things to Keep You Entertained

Prepare some simple things to keep you entertained. Books and music are best for this.

5.      Wear Comfortable Clothes

To ensure you are the most relaxed, wear some of your most favorite comfortable clothes.

6.      Follow Instructions

It's important to consult your doctor before doing anything of this nature. Follow all of your doctor's instructions regarding the procedure.

7.      Concerns

Write down any concerns you might have regarding the procedure and bring them up to your doctor or nurse.

8.      Medications

Write down any medications you are taking to ensure nothing reacts badly to the treatment.

9.      Rest

Make time to rest after the procedure, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

ResetIV Hydration Therapy

ResetIV is a unique company that focuses on in-home IV therapy. Our one-of-a-kind business model allows a nurse to see you in-home within one hour of ordering our services! We are available around the clock for these procedures, with someone available regardless of the time.

Our step-by-step process couldn't be easier.

  1.       Choose your package. We have a variety of different IV packages to choose from. See the list below for more specific package details.
  2.       A doctor quickly reviews your history and gives us the okay.
  3.       A registered nurse arrives at your home for the treatment.
  4.       You feel better, quicker!

Treatment Options

Listed below are some of the treatment options we have available.

  1.     Immune Boost. This is an IV drip bag that contains saline, B-complex, a super-dose of Vitamin C, and Glutathione push.
  2.       Cold and Flu. Our cold and flu bag includes saline, a super-dose of Vitamin C, a multivitamin, and a pain reliever.
  3.       Workout Boost. This includes saline, B12, Glutamine, and L-Arginine.
  4.       NAD+. NAD is a coenzyme present in every cell in your body. Use this bag for a maximum boost.

We also have several levels of hangover bags to help you beat even the most severe morning hangover ordeals!

Every service we provide is physician-approved. Don't forget; we are on call 24/7 to take your calls any time. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!