Home IV Therapy: What to Know to Get Started

One option growing in popularity in the wellness industry is IV therapy. This therapy allows professionals to offer packages perfectly tailored to your specific health needs, letting you get the vitamins, minerals, and hydration you may need. 

Home IV therapy is the latest trend in IV therapy. Learn more about home IV therapy and what you can expect from the procedure. 

What Is In-Home IV Therapy?

IV therapy offers the chance to get the nutrients that your body needs to function at its best.

Most people take mineral and vitamin supplements orally, but that is not the most effective way of getting the nutrients you need. To get into your circulation, your body must first process those supplements through the digestive system, metabolizing them. 

Throughout this process, you can lose a lot of the nutrients. Many people also have trouble absorbing the supplements once they enter the digestive tract. 

IV therapy bypasses the digestive system, sending the nutrients you need right into your bloodstream. Your body can then receive all of the benefits of the therapy in a much faster and more effective manner. 

This therapy option delivers a combination of saline solution, electrolytes, medication, and vitamins using a catheter that sends them into your circulation. 

To make the process even more convenient, you can choose in-home IV therapy. In-home therapy allows you to choose the IV therapy pack you want and have it delivered right to your home, office, or hotel room.

With trained nurses at your side, you can settle comfortably in your favorite chair or your bed as you get all of the benefits of IV therapy. 

We offer a variety of packages to help you get the boost you need, no matter your circumstances. 

Wellness Packages

You can choose IV therapies that focus on supporting your health and alleviating symptoms of illnesses as well as jetlag and exhaustion. 

Immune Boost

This package offers a selection of antioxidants to boost your immune system and protect you from illnesses. The package contains:

  • Saline
  • B-vitamin complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Glutathione

Glutathione is a mineral that your liver creates and helps your immune system, breaks down nutrients, and offers benefits similar to those antioxidants offer. 


This one-liter bag of saline can ensure you stay hydrated. It helps restore a balance of electrolytes with the salt in the package, making it easier for your body to absorb nutrients, stabilize blood pressure, and much more.


The NAD+ package offers a critical coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide that every cell in your body has and which plays a role in many metabolic functions. NAD production declines with age, so getting a boost of it is important. 

It is an option perfect for people who want to restore muscle function and strength, boost a weight-loss regimen, or reduce their fatigue. 


The prenatal IV therapy is perfect for women in their first trimester. It contains electrolytes, saline, and B vitamins. If you experience nausea and your doctor approves, we can also include an anti-nausea medication called Zofran in the package.


This package is the right choice for people with high stress levels. It contains saline, as well as magnesium, which relaxes the nervous system and makes sleep easier. 

The Relaxation package also contains multivitamins and taurine, which is an amino acid. 


Flying can take a toll on your body, dehydrating you and leading to headaches, irritability, and exhaustion. The IV therapy for jet lag includes saline, anti-inflammatory medication, a B vitamin complex, and multivitamins. 

Sexual Health Support

The package offers amino acids that help with increased blood flow to the genitals. It includes saline, lysine, vitamin B12, L-arginine, glutamine, citrulline, and carnitine. 

Hangover Packages 

You can choose from a variety of hangover IV therapy packages that offer hydration and the replenishment of nutrients.

Basic Hydration

The basic hydration package is perfect for when you feel a bit sluggish, if not completely hungover. It contains saline.


You can prepare for your night out with this package, which offers the hydration and vitamins you need to avoid a hangover. It contains saline and a B vitamin complex.

Still Spinning

This package comes packed with electrolytes. You have the choice of anti-nausea medications, pain-relief medications, or heartburn medications to help you get rid of the worst hangover symptoms.


For the worst of hangovers, DEFCON 1 offers the relief you need. It provides saline, as well as the choice of two types of medications. You can choose between anti-nausea, pain relief, or heartburn medications. 

The Baller

The Baller contains saline, as well as a modified Meyers Cocktail containing B vitamins, magnesium, and vitamin C. Added to that, you can choose two types of medications to help you recover. 

Feeling Sick Packages

If you feel ill, you can turn to one of these packages. 

Cold and Flu

The cold and flu package offers a super dose of vitamin C, as well as other vitamins that can help you fight off a cold or an infection. It also offers anti-inflammatory medications.

Food Poisoning

If you ate contaminated food, this package could help. The anti-nausea medication and multivitamins help stabilize your system, while the saline keeps you hydrated. 

Stomach Flu

If you have an intestinal infection, the stomach flu package offers the hydrating powers of saline along with Pepcid to treat excess stomach acid. 


The migraine package helps with nausea, weakness, and other symptoms that come with a migraine. It contains compazine, which reduces nausea and vomiting and helps you rest. 

This package also contains Benadryl for help with dizziness, nausea, and more. 


Along with saline to rehydrate you, this package offers vitamin B12, caffeine, and taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that helps regulate electrical impulses. 

Athletic Packages

If you are an athlete or someone who has a high level of physical activity every day, the athletic IV packages can help. They offer basic hydration, as well as amino acids and vitamin B12 to help you maximize your activities. 

Basic Hydration

This package provides saline to help restore your electrolyte levels. 

Post Workout Boost

With this package, you can have an easier recovery from a tough workout. The saline keeps you hydrated, while the combination of various amino acids reduces recovery times and helps with your immune system. 

Workout Routine Support

To help you have a consistent workout routine, you want to rely on the combination of saline and amino acids like L-arginine, which promote blood flow. 

Beauty Packages

Beauty IV therapy packages can offer weight loss support, skin rejuvenation, and much more. 

Weight Loss Support

With vitamin B12 and a combination of methionine, inositol, and choline, the weight loss support package can help metabolize fat. The vitamin B12 in the package also helps with metabolizing fatty acids. 

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation packages include a super dose of vitamin C to keep your skin healthy. The package also contains glutathione, which can help boost your immune system while providing antioxidant benefits. 

Hair, Skin, and Nail Strengthener

The package contains saline, as well as biotin. Biotin is a vitamin that can help with brittle nails, hair loss, and nerve damage. 

The package also offers glutathione for boosting the immune system and a super dose of vitamin C. 

How to Get Ready for an In-Home IV Therapy Session

To prepare for your in-home IV therapy session, you want to choose a comfortable place in a calm location. You may want to have something to do during the session, so consider gathering a book, your computer, phone, or other calm activities around you. 

Remember to use the bathroom before the session begins and to have a drink nearby. Let your nurse know about any medical conditions you may have, and take the time to ask questions about the procedure if you have them. 

Before the session, it can help to have a light snack.

Will You Have to Rest After an IV Therapy Session?

There is no downtime to worry about when you get an in-home IV therapy session. You can start moving around right after and continue your daily activities. 

Typically, the procedure can take between 25 to 45 minutes. 

Who Will Clean Up After the IV Therapy Session?

The nurses who provide the services will take care of that. They will handle the disposal of the syringes, as well as the needles, and clean up all of the containers and packages. 

You do not have to worry about the clean-up process at all. 

Give Your System a Boost

IV therapy grows in popularity every day. It is an option that can allow you to tackle any health or beauty concerns you have in a safe and effective manner. 

By having IV therapy at home, you can get the help you need without the added stress of going to a clinic. Whether you need weight loss support, hangover help, or a bit of assistance battling a cold, you can turn to in-home IV therapy sessions.