The Benefits of Vitamin B1 IV Therapy

What is vitamin B1 IV therapy? How can it benefit you? Is it safe? Below, you can learn everything you need to know about vitamin B1 IV therapy and why patients are flocking to this safe and effective treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin B1?

All B vitamins play a critical role in keeping your body functioning correctly. There are eight different members of the B vitamin family, and they support your cognitive function, the health of your brain and nervous system, and the formation of red blood cells.

Of the eight B vitamins, B1, also called thiamine, may be the most instrumental in maintaining your overall health. B1 has many benefits in supporting the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys.

Some of the functions of thiamine in your system include:

  • Convert carbohydrates into glucose, which becomes energy
  • Boost immunity
  • Help develop the myelin sheath that protects nerves
  • Slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Promote proper cardiac function
  • Support eye health
  • Assist with memory, learning, and attention span
  • Bolster mood
  • Support healthy digestion

Additionally, since B1 is a powerful antioxidant, it helps slow the signs of aging, like wrinkles and sagging skin, and supports healthy hair, skin, and nails. All of these benefits may have you reaching for your best source of B1, so where can you find this potent vitamin?

What Are Sources of Vitamin B1?

Thiamine, or B1, is naturally found in fish, meats, and whole grains. It’s also added to enriched bread, cereal, and baby formula. You can add more B1 to your diet by consuming the following:

  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Green peas
  • Beans and lentils
  • Yeast
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Yogurt

B1 is also found in vitamin B complex supplements. However, for easier and more efficient absorption, you can boost your body’s levels of B1 with vitamin B1 IV therapy.

Patients who experience a deficiency in B1 will see the most benefits from using IV therapy to restore their body’s needs.

What Are the Causes of Vitamin B1 Deficiency?

Since B1 serves so many vital roles, a deficiency in the micronutrient can lead to several serious health problems, including seizures, confusion, shortness of breath, brain disorders, and more. 

You can develop a thiamine deficiency if you consume too little B1 or your body loses too much. In addition, a medical condition called genetic beriberi can prevent the body from absorbing thiamine. 

Alcohol abuse, kidney disease, and gastric bypass surgery are also associated with thiamine deficiency. Patients who struggle with adequate nutrition or have the above conditions should be watchful for symptoms of vitamin B1 deficiency.

What Are the Symptoms of Vitamin B1 Deficiency?

Patients experiencing a deficiency in their vitamin B1 levels will often experience a combination of symptoms:

  • Confusion and short-term memory loss
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability and rapid mood changes
  • Seizures
  • Edema or swelling
  • Loss of appetite
  • Ataxia (impaired coordination)
  • Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat)
  • Vision problems
  • Dyspnea (shortness of breath)

In addition, those with a vitamin B1 deficiency may struggle with sensory-motor polyneuropathy, a systemic condition where nerve cells, fibers, and coverings become damaged, slowing or stopping their signals.

Patients with the above symptoms may benefit from fast-acting vitamin B1 IV infusions.

What Does Vitamin B1 IV Therapy Do?

Even a minor deficiency in vitamin B1 can lead to irritability, fatigue, and lack of focus. However, taking oral B1 supplements in pill form is often ineffective in restoring your body’s levels of this essential micronutrient. 

Since oral supplements need to work their way through the digestive system before beginning their work in restoring the body’s nutrients, they often only deliver a fraction of their overall nutritional effects. 

In contrast, IV therapy administers vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream,

bypassing the digestive system and going straight into the cells.

Patients with digestive disorders or other absorption issues may never completely restore their vitamin levels with oral supplements. However, IV therapy supports complete supplementation, allowing the body to absorb 100% of the nutrients.

Vitamin B1 IV therapy restores your levels so you can optimize your metabolism, intracellular function, cognitive abilities, and more with faster results.

How Quickly Does Vitamin B1 IV Therapy Work?

One of the most significant benefits of choosing IV therapy for your vitamin B1 supplementation is how quickly you can feel the effects of your treatment. Some patients begin to feel better within minutes, and most report feeling more alert and energized within 24 hours.

Compared to oral medications, IV therapy offers faster, more precise results. Additionally, since IV therapy also boosts your hydration levels by infusing saline with your vitamins and minerals, you’ll also feel the therapeutic effects of better hydration.

Once you feel the difference from receiving your vitamin B1 IV therapy, you’ll want those feelings to last forever. 

How Long Does a Vitamin B1 IV Last?

The results of IV therapy treatment vary by patient. Those who are more deficient in vitamin B1 levels might use their infused nutrients faster. 

While the fluids infused along with your vitamins and minerals will only stay in the body for hours, the nutrients can remain for days, weeks, or even months, depending on what you have infused and what your body needs. 

Most patients continue to feel the benefits of their vitamin B1 infusion for a week. 

How Often Should You Get Vitamin B1 IV Therapy?

One of the great things about Reset IV therapy is that all of our treatments are customizable, and we can work with you to determine the proper schedule to meet your nutritional needs.

Many of our patients feel so great from their vitamin B1 IV infusions that they schedule their appointments at regular intervals. However, others wait until they feel the benefits of their infusion wear off completely. 

Choosing how frequently you wish to restore your vitamins and nutrients is specific to your needs and lifestyle. Our highly trained staff is happy to consult with you to determine an ideal schedule.

Your initial IV therapy appointment may take a little longer as our medical team needs to review your medical history before infusion. However, your subsequent IV therapy appointments will provide fast, effective results in less than an hour.

Are There Any Side Effects of B1 IV Therapy?

IV therapy offers many benefits: restoring imbalances and deficiencies, delivering higher concentrations of the nutrients you need at once, and providing a better absorption rate and more precise dosing. 

However, some patients who receive very high doses of thiamine have an upset stomach. Most patients do not experience this side effect, and since vitamin B1 is water-soluble, excess amounts are easily excreted through the kidneys.

IV Therapy Packages That Include Vitamin B1

Reset IV offers several IV therapy packages that include vitamin B1 to provide you with comprehensive nutritional benefits. These packages include Immune Boost, Jetlag, and Pre-Game.

Immune Boost

Reset IV’s Immune Boost package includes saline, B-complex vitamins, a super dose of vitamin C, and a glutathione push. B-complex vitamins were chosen for this nutrient cocktail for their immune system–supporting benefits. 

Vitamin B1 may strengthen the immune system by helping the body tolerate stress. One of the functions of B1 is its support of muscle tone along the digestive tract, at the source of most of the body’s immune functions. 


Reset IV’s Jetlag package includes saline, anti-inflammatory and pain relief support, B-complex vitamins, and a multivitamin blend. B vitamins are essential in combatting fatigue and reducing the stress the body incurs by crossing time zones.

Additionally, research shows that vitamin B1 supports the cerebellum region of the brain, which is responsible for many cognitive functions, such as attention, motor control, and balance. 

Our infusions of B vitamins provide the adrenal glands with the nutrients they need to function correctly and the brain with the tools it needs to lift the fog and increase mental sharpness. 


Reset IV’s Pre-Game package uses saline and B-complex vitamins to combat a hangover before it begins. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed by meeting your hydration needs through saline and restoring the nutrients lost through a big night out. 

B vitamins work to help the body convert carbohydrates to energy, supporting efficient metabolism. 

Alcohol interferes with the absorption of vitamin B1 in the intestinal tract. Pre-Game treats your B1 deficiency before it begins and helps your body metabolize the carbohydrates you may consume on a night of heavy drinking. 

How Safe Is IV Therapy?

At Reset IV, your health and safety are our priorities. Our IV therapy treatments aim to leave you feeling your best. 

Your first IV treatment begins with a free consultation from our medical providers. As part of our process, we thoroughly evaluate your health history and any allergies to food, medications, or drip ingredients. 

Our medical staff uses this essential information to determine whether there are any contraindications to your IV therapy package and to offer recommendations to restore your nutrients. 

Reset IV only employs medical professionals with proven training and experience to administer our vitamin-powered IV therapy, ensuring that our clients receive the same care provided to them that they would in any other healthcare setting. 

The team at Reset IV is standing by to provide you with the nutrients you need, including vitamin B1, to feel your best. You can trust our team to deliver safe, effective IV treatments. 

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and once you reach out to schedule your IV therapy, we can be at your location within 45 minutes. So call or schedule your IV therapy online today.