Alleviating Anxiety and Depression with IV Therapy

Anyone battling anxiety and depression knows the havoc these conditions wreak on their lives. While anxiety or depression affects everyone at some point, some people live with these disorders for years. The good news is that IV therapy for anxiety and depression can help many feel better.

IV therapy for anxiety and depression is not a cure, per se. However, IV treatment can alleviate many symptoms of both anxiety and depression and help improve quality of life.

Can IV Therapy Help with Anxiety and Depression?

IV therapy for anxiety and depression helps those dealing with these mood disorders by boosting their sense of well-being. This sense of comfort and contentment is missing from those in the midst of constant anxiety or depression. IV therapy treatments are designed to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms and help elevate mood. 

How IV Treatment Can Help With Anxiety Symptoms

People dealing with anxiety feel stressed out, nervous, fearful, and have trouble concentrating. Some may experience full-blown panic attacks, including a sense of impending doom. Anxiety also creates physical symptoms, including nausea, hyperventilation, and tachycardia (rapid heart rate).

Many anxiety sufferers do not realize that the intensity of their nervousness is abnormal. They may have long been labeled “high-strung” or worrywarts. IV therapy for anxiety can assist in recovery from these debilitating symptoms and offer relatively quick, efficient relief for many patients. 

How IV Treatment Can Help With Depression Symptoms

Those dealing with the mood disorder known as depression are suffering from far more than periodic sadness. Depression can rob people of their ability to function due to their pervasive despondency.

Depression results from many factors. Its roots are found in genetics, with some people experiencing a family history of this disorder, as well as different or traumatic life events. Hormonal changes can cause depression, as can a reduction of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. IV therapy for depression can increase these neurotransmitters, lifting the depression cloud.

IV therapy for depression can restore sirtuin levels in the brain. These proteins regulate aging and cell death, and the body’s response to stress.

Benefits of Using IV Therapy

Oral medications can help relieve anxiety and depression symptoms, but the medications must first pass through the gastrointestinal system. That takes time, and some medications may cause digestive upset. IV therapy for anxiety and depression goes directly into your bloodstream. Not only do you experience treatment benefits more rapidly, but there is also more effective absorption than treatment via the oral route.

In some patients, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can cause serious side effects. It can also take weeks before the patient knows whether the drugs are effective. Perhaps your anxiety symptoms or the heavy weight of depression will ease, but it is not a change that happens rapidly. IV therapy for anxiety and depression offers faster relief. 

Recommended IV Packages

Relaxation Package

If anxiety is making you stressed and frustrated, our Relaxation package, customized for your specific symptoms, can help you feel calmer and less irritable. Besides normal saline, this package includes:

  • Magnesium: This metal relaxes the nervous system naturally and provides a calming effect that can ease anxiety, fear, irritability, and restlessness. By helping your body maintain healthy levels of GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid), magnesium promotes more restorative sleep. Additionally, GABA can help calm both body and mind while you prepare for sleep. This vitamin/mineral is also important for many processes in the body, including bone health, regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure.
  • Taurine: This amino acid regulates electrical impulses in the brain and slows adrenal release, which helps you calm and de-stress. 
  • Multivitamin: This package's multivitamin replenishes vitamins C, A, B, B1, B6, D3, E, and K1, as well as Niacinamide and Dexpanthol.

NAD+ Package

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in the body. Over time, the body produces less NAD+, part of the natural aging process. NAD+ production is also affected by stress, the use of alcohol or drugs, and poor diet. 

NAD IV therapy for anxiety and depression can improve mood, boost energy levels, and improve sleep. Those dealing with these conditions often feel fatigued but are unable to obtain proper rest.

In addition, NAD+ can restore muscle function and slow down the aging process. Along with improved mood and mental clarity, you may also notice healthier skin, the reduction of lines and wrinkles, and greater endurance.

The recommended treatment guidelines for NAD+ depend on the primary therapeutic purpose. For those who have never had NAD+ IV treatments before, it is recommended to start at a dose of 100-150 mg and then slowly increase over three to four treatments over seven to 10 days.

The typical treatment is 500-1,000mg of NAD+ daily over four to 10 days (on a case-by-case basis, and will vary for each individual based on consultation with the physician), and each infusion will typically take two to four hours.

NAD+ IV therapy is considered very safe, with few, if any, side effects. Our medical team can recommend add-ons to the NAD+ package to maximize effectiveness and boost well-being. 

Explore Mobile IV Services With Reset IV

With mobile IV services at Reset IV, you can receive treatment in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room. When you feel stressed or sad, you do not want to go out and receive treatment in an unfamiliar environment. At-home mobile IV therapy allows you to feel as relaxed as possible prior to treatment. 

During your IV therapy session, you can read, watch TV, listen to music, or simply rest. We come to you with zero travel fees!

At Reset IV, we tailor treatment based on your individual needs. Our licensed professional nurses will answer any of your questions before IV treatment starts.

Often, patients find some symptom relief even before the infusion is finished. The fog of depression may lift somewhat, and the constant tension involving anxiety may fade. 

Find out for yourself how IV therapy for anxiety and depression from Reset IV can turn your life around!