Caffeine IV

Benefits of Caffeine IV

A caffeine IV is a great way to get the instant hit and energy from caffeine without having to sit down and sip on a piping hot cup of joe. If you’re thinking of getting a caffeine IV, you should consider their wonderful benefits.

Treats Migraines

There is nothing worse than a pounding migraine. It can ultimately ruin your day - or week. But new research has shown that a caffeine IV is a great way to battle migraines and help get rid of them quickly.


Recent studies gave participants an infusion of 50 mg caffeine citrate IV. And the results show that their acute migraines were gone after one to two hours. While more research is needed, this is very promising data that shows that, yes, caffeine can actually limit or eliminate migraines. In that sense, coffee is something of a miracle!

Boost of Caffeine without Drinking Tons of Coffee

Some people experience bad reactions to drinking coffee. They can get heartburn, jitters, or stomach aches. Simply put, drinking coffee just doesn’t work for everyone. But many still want the benefits of caffeine without the downsides. That’s why a caffeine IV is such a great idea. Users can feel the good things about caffeine but will not experience the others.


If you decide to try a caffeine IV, you will not feel the uncomfortable side effects. Instead, you will feel well-rested, focused, and ready for the day without ever feeling sick or shaky.


Of course, a caffeine IV will definitely do what most people rely on caffeine for: it will wake them up.


Fatigue is almost always combatted expertly by caffeine, and especially a caffeine IV. Of course you know that this is one of the main reasons that people enjoy coffee and other caffeinated drinks: they want a boost of energy that can get them through the day. Fatigue is when a long day catches up with you and makes you slowly drag across the finish line. When fatigue sets in, it can be a huge detriment to your work, home, and everything else.


Drowsiness goes hand in hand with fatigue but it’s the feeling of being sleepy and sluggish all throughout the day. It’s like a long-lasting, everyday version of fatigue and it can be a very serious issue for many people. Multiple things can cause drowsiness, from regular medication to eating lunch to a jam-packed schedule. A caffeine IV will be the best way to immediately fight off drowsiness and keep it away through the rest of your work day and night at home.


However, a caffeine IV and what it delivers to you can do more than wake you up - it can actually combat horrible, deadly diseases.

Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Caffeine is not only associated with a decreased risk of acquiring Parkinson's disease, but it may also assist people suffering from the illness better regulate their movements. Additionally, studies have shown that caffeine IVs and caffeine in general is a good way to battle the risk of acquiring Alzheimer's Disease.


But the medical benefits of caffeine IVs don’t end there. No, they also help you when you are attempting to remember things.

Boosts Memory

Did you know that according to a new Johns Hopkins University study, coffee may really improve long-term memory? Participants in the research who were given 200-milligram caffeine pills after examining a set of photos performed better the following day when assessed on the same images.


You now understand why you may feel more concentrated and tuned in after consuming coffee in the morning. Here is conclusive evidence that it improves your memory. Caffeine has been shown to improve memory.

Side Effects of Caffeine

Of course, caffeine does have a downside. For some people, it can create some serious issues. Therefore, you need to consider and remember these negative side effects of caffeine before you sign up for a caffeine IV.


Unfortunately, a common result of too much caffeine or being very sensitive to it is the jittery. What are they? The jitters are a physical sense of having a burst of energy followed by a quick drop of energy. Many individuals may get restless or find it difficult to focus as a result of this experience.


You don’t even need to have too much caffeine to experience the jitters, sadly. Some people are just very sensitive to caffeine and even a little bit can cause you to feel jittery and restless. It’s not the most severe side effect of caffeine, however.

Triggers Gout

Do you suffer from gout? If you suffer from these symptoms, there is a good chance that gout has gotten a hold of you.


  •       Intense joint pain
  •       Lingering discomfort
  •       Inflammation and redness
  •       Limited range of motion


If you really do have gout, there is a chance that it’s a side effect of caffeine. Some studies have shown that too much caffeine in your system can result in a case of gout. While it’s not the most serious medical condition around, it definitely is troublesome and needs to be addressed by your doctor immediately.

Keeps You Awake

There are days when you want to sleep well at the end of the day but sometimes caffeine will get in the way of that. Caffeine does its job well, sometimes too well. When that happens, you will be wide away while lying in bed and regretting ingesting caffeine earlier in the day. And if you suffer from being incontentment, you’ll be awake for another nagging, annoying reason.


Here is a list of foods and beverages that can lead to incontinence:


  •       Coffee, tea and carbonated drinks, even without caffeine
  •       Alcohol
  •       Certain acidic fruits — oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes — and fruit juices
  •       Spicy foods
  •       Tomato-based products
  •       Carbonated drinks
  •       Chocolate


As you can see, coffee is high on that list. That’s because for years people have known that coffee can create an overactive bladder. If you are trying to avoid incontinence, you should probably avoid coffee and caffeine too.


Unfortunately, there are other medical side effects that can be caused by caffeine and they can make your life very uncomfortable and even scary.

Fast or Uneven Heartbeat

When you ingest caffeine, you run the risk of speeding up your heartbeat to fast and uneven levels. This can create a very uncomfortable feeling but it can also lead to more serious medical problems too, especially if you have heart issues.


One of the fastest ways to get dehydrated is to drink coffee or caffeine. Many doctors will tell you that if you’re attempting to stay hydrated, you need to stay away from caffeine drinks. People think that since caffeine is found in liquids it won’t make you dehydrated. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Is Caffeine IV Safe?

Caffeine IVs are in fact very safe and they are also becoming more and more popular as many people become exposed to the idea and the benefits of it. While there are definitely side effects of having caffeine, the advantages they give make it worth your time.


However, you will definitely want to consult your doctor if you are thinking of getting a caffeine IV. Your medical professional will be able to give you better judgment and reasons why or why you should not try it. However, there is little doubt that a caffeine IV is safe and can literally make your life so much better and easier.