Turmeric as a Hangover Cure

For centuries, turmeric has been used as a traditional medicine to treat respiratory infections, digestive problems, arthritis, liver disease, and other conditions. 

But did you know that turmeric can also effectively reduce hangover symptoms? 

Keep reading to find out what turmeric is and how it can help fight off a hangover. 

What Is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a bright orange root of Curcuma longa, a flowering plant of the ginger family. Also known as Indian saffron or the golden spice, turmeric is commonly used in Asian cuisine in its dried and ground form. 

The main active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and is a very strong antioxidant. These qualities make it a good potential cure for a hangover. 

Is Turmeric Good for a Hangover?

A hangover is a sign that you’ve had more alcohol than your body can handle. The most common symptoms of a hangover include headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, and muscle aches. 

Research shows that curcumin found in turmeric can help prevent hangovers and protect the body from the toxic effects of alcohol by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in the liver.

Reduces inflammation

Curcumin has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Since many of the side effects of hangovers are due to inflammation, taking turmeric before a night of drinking can help minimize those effects. Turmeric can help reduce the intensity of headaches, joint aches, fatigue, irritability, and other physical and mental effects of a hangover.

Prevents liver fibrosis

The organ that is affected the most by alcohol consumption is the liver. Over-consuming alcohol may lead to liver fibrosis, that is, a buildup of fats, inflammation, and scarring of the tissue that prevent your livers from functioning properly.

Turmeric reduces inflammation in the liver and promotes regeneration and repair of liver cells. It protects the liver from being damaged by toxins such as acetaldehyde that is produced by alcohol metabolism and speeds up the detoxification process.

How Much Turmeric Do I Need for It to Be Effective?

You can safely take 400 to 700 milligrams of turmeric per day as a hangover aid.

Because standard turmeric powder only contains around 3% curcumin and the nutrient is very poorly absorbed by the gut, you should ideally take turmeric in the form of a concentrated supplement. Make sure to look for supplements that contain piperine extracted from black pepper seeds in addition to curcumin, as this ingredient will significantly increase the absorption of turmeric.

The best time to take turmeric is before you have a hangover, sometime during your evening out or right after you had your last drink. 

Is turmeric safe to take?

You should talk to your doctor before taking any supplements to ensure they are safe for you to use. 

Generally, turmeric is regarded as a very safe natural ingredient and is well tolerated by most people. In rare cases, you may experience mild side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, stomachache, nausea, and vomiting. However, the adverse effects are usually reported at very high doses above 1000 mg a day.

In addition to turmeric supplements, intravenous therapy is another effective way to help ease your hangover symptoms. Here’s how. 

How Can Reset IVs Products Help with a Hangover?

IV therapy is one of the fastest ways to combat common hangover symptoms because nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream for fast action and a 100% absorption rate. Unlike oral supplements that pass through your digestive system, IV ingredients are immediately available for use in your cells.

Reset IV offers a range of hangover packages consisting of a special blend of hydrating fluids, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-nausea and anti-heartburn medication to help you recover from a night of drinking. 

  • The Hydration package is based on a normal saline solution—a mixture of water and sodium chloride—that helps restore a healthy balance of fluid and electrolytes in your body and boost your energy levels.
  • The Pre Game package consists of a normal saline solution that recharges the fluids necessary for normal body function and a B-vitamin complex that replenishes the nutrients you lost while drinking.
  • The Still Spinning package is made of electrolytes and either anti-heartburn medication to help with acid reflux symptoms, nausea medication to calm your stomach, or pain relief medication to help get rid of headaches caused by a hangover.
  • The Baller package offers a choice of anti-nausea and pain relief, anti-heartburn medications, as well as a multivitamin cocktail.
  • The DEFCON 1 package contains normal saline solution, electrolytes, and your choice of anti-nausea, anti-heartburn, and pain relief medications.

Our IV bags for hangovers will help detox and rehydrate your body, restore any lost nutrients, and cleanse your system so that you’ll be back to feeling your normal self in no time. In addition, we provide custom blends and add-ons to address your specific needs.