The Best Pools in Miami

Miami is known for its exciting atmosphere and fabulous year-round tropical temperature. To make the most of what the city has to offer, one option you have is to turn to its many pools. 

Learn more about the top pool options in Miami. 

The Seven Best Pools in Miami

Cool off with any of these excellent pools. 

1. The Miami Beach Edition

At Edition, a hotel located in Miami Beach, you have two pools to choose from, including the landmark Sundial pool, which was part of the original 1950s location. It still has its original diving board. 

The second pool has loungers and luxury cabanas, each with its own television, safe, and mini-refrigerator. There are bars you can order from while enjoying the water, as well as the Sandbox, where you can rest after a swim and order a cocktail. 

You must have a room at the hotel to enjoy the pools and Sandbox. Although expensive (around $700 a night), the hotel offers the kind of luxurious fun you want. 

Address: 2901 Collins Ave., Miami

Phone: 786-257-4500

2. The Standard Spa

Located in Miami Beach, the Standard Spa offers retro lounge chairs and stunning views of Biscayne Bay. It features a saltwater infinity pool, outdoor mud baths, massage tables, and a waterfall jacuzzi. 

The pool has cabins that feature outdoor clawfoot tubs. You can order a drink from the Lobby Lounge or the Monterrey Bar, where you need to try their Root Chakra cocktail featuring mezcal, mango, egg white, martini bitter, and Anchos Reyes Verde. 

Address: 40 Island Ave., Miami

Phone: 305-673-1717

3. Fontainebleau Miami Beach

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel is one of the leading hotels in the entire city. It has an oceanfront pool area with numerous rows of lounge chairs and luxury cabanas. 

The Arkadia Day Club Pool is only for adults and features a DJ and drinks. Throughout the year, you can enjoy concerts right by the pool. 

You can also enjoy the Bowtie and Oasis pools while sipping on a cocktail or eating something from the poolside menu. Try their Preacher Man cocktail made with bourbon, ginger beer, simple syrup, and lime juice. 

Address: 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach 

Phone: 800-548-8886

4. Venetian Pool

Located in Coral Gables and allowing entrance for just $12, this is one of the most affordable options on the list. Built in the 1920s, it offers a charming atmosphere that is family-friendly but still attractive to adults. 

There is a cafe where you can order hot or cold food and drinks, though alcohol is not allowed. If you want to avoid the crowd, avoid going on the weekends. 

Address: 2701 de Soto Blvd., Miami

Phone: 305-460-5306

5. The Confidante

With dual swimming pools and cabanas, The Confidante hotel offers a relaxed yet still luxurious experience. Poolside service includes a personal attendant who can provide the cocktails and food you want. 

The Backyard also offers outdoor dining options and craft cocktails to try. To top it all off, the Confidante is pet-friendly!

Address: 4041 Collins Ave., Miami

Phone: 305-424-1234

6. The Goodtime Hotel

The two parallel pools at the Goodtime Hotel have the nickname Strawberry Moon because of the pink hues that surround them. The pools host parties with signature cocktails and great music. 

You can get a day pass for $75 or get a pink daybed or cabana. The menu is all Mediterranean, and there is even a day-to-night swim club you can join. 

Address: 601 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

Phone: 786-687-0234

7. Biltmore Hotel

The historic Biltmore Hotel offers a huge pool (23,000 square feet) and luxurious poolside service. You can enjoy outdoor dining and excellent cocktails brought right to your lounge chair or cabana. 

Although expensive, with the smallest cabana costing $450, they offer relaxation in a peaceful environment. Hidden in a secluded location, you don’t have to worry about loud music or festivities because parties are not allowed at the cabanas. 

Address: 1200 Anastasia Ave., Miami

Phone: 305-445-1926

Staying Hydrated

Enjoying the constant Miami sun while sipping delicious cocktails can take a toll on your body’s hydration levels. This dehydration can lead to unpleasant symptoms like headaches and nausea, which you definitely do not want when enjoying these luxurious locations. 

To help keep you hydrated, Reset IV offers IV therapy in Miami to give you the electrolytes and nutrients your body needs after soaking up the sun, swimming, and drinking cocktails. Read more about the IV therapy options we offer. 

Still Spinning

Our Still Spinning therapy is for people who have mild symptoms of dehydration and want to avoid their further progression. It offers one liter of saline to rehydrate you as well as your choice of either a painkiller, anti-heartburn medication, or anti-nausea medication. 


Our basic hydration IV therapy offers saline to help you balance your electrolytes after a day in the sun. 

Defcon 1

Defcon 1 is for people who feel dehydrated and have symptoms of a hangover after enjoying poolside drinks. It offers the standard saline as well as your choice of two medications: painkillers, anti-heartburn medication, or anti-nausea. 

The Baller 

If you really feel poorly, The Baller can help. This IV therapy option provides one liter of saline as well as a Myers’ cocktail. 

A Myers’ cocktail offers magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C to help replenish the nutrients you may have lost drinking, swimming, or soaking up the Miami sun. You can choose to add a multivitamin cocktail to the package or a mixture of painkillers, anti-nausea medication, and anti-heartburn medication. 

Pre Game

If you know you will spend time in the sun drinking and having fun, why not avoid the symptoms of dehydration? That is what our Pre Game IV therapy option offers. 

Pre Game offers saline and a B vitamin complex to give you the energy you need to enjoy poolside activities. 

Soak Up the Sun and Enjoy the Good Times

You want to enjoy the summer sun, warm nights, and fun atmosphere Miami offers, and you want to be able to do so without fearing the next day. At Reset IV, we offer IV therapy options to help you manage hangovers, dehydration, and any other uncomfortable symptoms you feel.

We can come right to where you are, be it your office, home, or other location, making it as convenient as possible for you to get the relief you need. If you feel less than your best after a day or night at the pool, we can help. 

Call us right now to learn more about our options.