The Best Nightlife in Salt Lake City

In this article we’ll explore the best nightlife in Salt Lake City and show you how you can quickly recover from a night of partying with IV therapy.

The Best Nightlife in Salt Lake City

No matter what kind of activities you prefer, from having a few drinks at a great bar to enjoying games at an arcade, there is something for you in Salt Lake City. 


Clubs of all stripes abound in the area, but there are three standout options to consider. 

Urban Lounge

Urban Lounge calls itself “Salt Lake City’s Independent Soundstage," and it is one of the most popular dance clubs among young people. You can find live music most nights of the week, with bands ranging from local talent to international artists. 

There is a cover charge for Urban Lounge, and they have a well-stocked bar to sample. 

Park City Live

Located on Main Street in Park City, this club is the largest in the area. It boasts a great bar, excellent audio and visual technology, and a VIP mezzanine section for more private events. 

This is a standing-room-only location, though the VIP areas have tables and seats. There is no food available, but you can contact the events coordinator for catering options for special events. 

Area 51

This club is perfect for people into techno, house, and trance music and who want to dance. Area 51 offers live DJs, themed nights, and a crowded dance floor. 

It is a huge location, with two floors, seven areas, and three dance floors. The bar offers more than 300 cocktail options, as well as over 150 beers and liquors. 

There is a cover charge of $10. 


Despite complex liquor laws, Salt Lake City has excellent bar options to choose from. 


Located in the downtown area, this cozy bar has a speakeasy vibe with background music that never overpowers conversation and dim lighting. It has a wide selection of beers, wine, and cocktails, as well as some food options. 

They have signature cocktails, like their Dancing in the Dark, which has Averna, bourbon, amaretto, Cynar, and bitters. Their truffle fries are a must-have menu item. 

Whiskey Street

Whiskey Street offers a huge selection of whiskeys and spiced nuts. This bar sits right on Main Street and is growing in popularity. 

Whiskey Street has a great selection of beers, both bottled and draft, as well as cocktails like the Mezcaroni, featuring mezcal, Averna, and Cynar. As the name suggests, however, whiskey is the bar’s focus, with all manner of options and price ranges to choose from. 

Food-wise, the bar offers pork belly corn dogs and poutine, along with excellent nuts. 

Lake Effect

Lake Effect is a perfect date-night bar, offering live music in an intimate setting almost every night. With its gorgeous metal and wood accents, chandeliers, and plush seating, you can enjoy your drink in comfort and style. 

It offers over 150 beers, more than 100 wine options, and regional and worldwide alcohol brands. Some of their best signature cocktails include Blood, Smoke, & Tears, featuring mezcal, hibiscus, lime, and blood orange, as well as Celery Killer, with mezcal, Ancho Chili Reyes, celery, agave, and lime. 

For food, try the tapas, including the fried pickles, lamb ribs, and nachos. 


Since the state of Utah prohibits all gambling, you won’t find options for cash poker games. However, if you enjoy playing for chips while enjoying a fun night with friends, you have several options.

Johnny’s On Second

Johnny’s On Second offers a dive bar atmosphere while also providing excellent poker games, billiards, live music, and your favorite DJs. It is open every day, and there are even poker tournaments that are free to enter. 

Apart from the poker options, this bar offers the most affordable drinks in the area. 

A Bar Named Sue

A Bar Named Sue offers poker tables and billiards, as well as arcade games of all kinds. These are all free to use, but it is first-come-first-served. 

There is music and sometimes even live entertainment, adding to the rock-n-roll atmosphere. The drinks are cheap, and there is great dive bar food, like burgers and fries. 


Manny’s has poker tables, billiard tables, and an outdoor patio, as well as karaoke nights. Expect typical bar fare, but a fan favorite in the drinks department is the flaming Dr. Pepper. 


Whether you prefer homey meals or more gourmet options, there are three excellent options to try. 


Located at The Avenues, this restaurant specializes in homestyle meals and seasonal dishes, including a sweet corn chicken hash, kebabs, and pork belly with cherries from Utah. 

The cozy atmosphere will keep you coming back, and the large portion sizes will definitely leave you satisfied. 

Stoneground Italian Kitchen

For excellent Italian food, this is the restaurant to try. It offers a menu with antipasti, salads, seafood, pasta, and San Pellegrino drinks to go with the meal. 

Some favorites to try include the black tagliatelle with lobster pieces in chardonnay sauce, as well as the agnolotti cooked with brie, artichoke, and dates. 

The restaurant sits on a second-story loft and looks out at the beautiful Salt Lake City public library and has a relaxed yet chic atmosphere. 

The Copper Onion

This new American restaurant, located in the downtown area, serves new takes on classics. The menu varies depending on the season, but some popular options include the ricotta dumplings and the rainbow trout. 

It is a brasserie-style restaurant and boasts an extensive cocktail list along with a wine and beer list. 


If you want to have an entertainment-filled night, here are the top locations in Salt Lake City that offer games. 

Mystery Escape Room

This is Utah’s original escape room experience, allowing a group of 6-12 people to participate in exciting and fun escape room experiences. The rooms have themes that change throughout the year. 

In the Salt Lake City location, you have six rooms to choose from, including The Book of Houdini, Storyteller’s Studio, and the latest arrival, The Ghost of Isabella Black. All of the games are family-friendly and do not contain violence or gore. 

FastKart Indoor Speedway

If you want go-carts and video arcade games, look no further. They offer up to 60 minutes of laps racing with gas karts that reach up to 40 mph. 

You can make reservations for corporate events and private parties, or you can be a walk-in. There are also monthly membership options. 

Golf Anytime

For golf lovers, this option offers a fun night out, allowing you to perfect your game with the same full-swing golf simulators that the greats use to practice. 

The launch monitors give you lots of feedback on your swing and keep a detailed history of your gameplay. You can also choose between 68 virtual courses, including Torrey Pines, St. Andrews, and Pebble Beach. 

You can book the entire location for private parties, or you can make a reservation for a small group. 

Recovering from a Night of Partying in Salt Lake City

After a night out in the city, you may feel a bit less than your best. Hangovers can cause many unpleasant symptoms that can make the following day less enjoyable. 

A hangover is a collection of psychological and physiological symptoms that occur after drinking alcohol. Some of the most common symptoms of a hangover include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Light sensitivity
  • Irritability 
  • Depression
  • Dry mouth
  • Extreme thirst
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach ache
  • Fatigue

The severity of these can vary depending on the amount of alcohol you consumed. 

At Reset IV, we offer IV therapy in Salt Lake City to help you recover after a night of partying. IV therapy allows you to regain the lost nutrients your body needs to stabilize itself.

Taking electrolytes and supplements orally is not nearly as effective as intravenous therapy because it requires the use of your digestive system. This takes time, and it can be less effective than you need. 

With IV therapy, you get the electrolytes, vitamins, and medications you need right into your bloodstream, allowing you to start feeling better sooner. 

We offer various IV therapy packages. 

Basic Hydration

Our basic hydration package focuses on restoring lost electrolytes and hydration after a night of drinking. It contains one liter of saline, which is water and sodium chloride. 

Saline replenishes your body’s fluids and stabilizes blood pressure so you can start feeling more like yourself again. 

Still Spinning 

This package is meant for those suffering from mild symptoms of a hangover. The base of the package is saline, and you have the choice of adding an anti-nausea medication, anti-heartburn medication, or painkiller. 

The painkiller can help reduce or eliminate your headaches and body aches, while the anti-heartburn medication can help with acid reflux. If you experience nausea, choose the anti-nausea option. 


The DEFCON 1 package lets you tackle many of the hangover symptoms at the same time. It is perfect for those who have moderate to severe symptoms.

The saline solution helps with dehydration, while your choice of two medications can handle the other unpleasant side effects of a long night out. You can choose from medications for nausea, headaches, or heartburn. 

The Baller

Our medical team will help you decide on how to make this IV therapy the most effective for your symptoms. 

The Baller offers saline for hydration, as well as the choice of a modified Myers cocktail and medications. 

A Myers cocktail, called a “magic bullet," contains B vitamins as well as vitamin C and magnesium. It can help give you energy and reduce some of the hangover symptoms. 

You can also choose multivitamins or medications for pain, nausea, and heartburn. 


To avoid feeling the worst of the symptoms, you can choose the Pre-Game IV therapy package. It gives you the hydration you need to withstand a night of fun without having to put up with the worst of a hangover the next day. 

Not only does this package offer a liter of saline, but it also provides a B-complex for added energy. All of it can help you have an even better night out. 

Get Relief from Hangovers

If you wake up with the classic hangover symptoms, don’t despair. You can turn to IV therapy options like the ones we offer at Reset IV. We can bring them right to your home, office, or another location so that you do not have to get out of bed if you do not want to.