The Best Gyms in Washington, DC

Besides being our nation's capital, Washington D.C. also has some of the best gyms in the country.  

A good gym can be a great way to relieve stress and stay in shape. 

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If you are ready to find your next gym check out our list of the best gyms in Washington, D.C.


Climbing Gyms

These gyms are the best choice to make if you are looking for your next climbing gym or for a fun experience to help you decide if climbing is for you. Climbing teaches great skills to kids as well as those who are trying to improve their overall fitness. If you are an experienced climber, you will love these gyms for their excellent skilled climbing walls.



Balance gym is an award-winning gym that offers many kinds of fitness opportunities besides the climbing gym. You will find that this is a great place where the positive attitude and upbeat support of your companions make the gym a fun and supportive place. You will feel at home here right away as you climb and learn new skills with skilled instructors or during free climbing hours.

If you love CrossFit, you can get the best of both worlds here. You will be able to enjoy their CrossFit program and work on additional fitness skills in the climbing gym. This is a great place to visit if you want a well-rounded training gym that offers you the best of all kinds of different fitness skills.

1111 14th Street Northwest Washington DC

(202) 216-9000


Earth Treks

This location teaches lots of different physical activities. The climbing wall is not their only attraction. You can learn gymnastics or enjoy the athletic club as well as the climbing gym. This is a big climbing gym that offers something for everyone.

Enjoy classes taught by skilled instructors or work on your own time on your climbing skills. This is one of a chain of gyms that have locations in 10 other cities. You will find that it is very useful to be able to climb at all of these locations if you are out of town and want to get your climbing time in.


725 Rockville Pike Ste 1, Rockville, MD

(240) 283-9942


Boxing and Crossfit

CrossFit and boxing are fun ways to stay in shape and develop balance and other useful skills. For people who love to break up their routine with some fun new skills that will dovetail with many other activities, CrossFit and boxing can provide this opportunity.

Many people use this kind of training as a good cross-training gym for all other kinds of sports. Boxing and CrossFit are great ways to increase your strength and your cardio at the same time. Many people love boxing just for the balance that it can provide for other kinds of physical activity.


Fit360 DC

This is an amazing gym that offers up the benefits of CrossFit training as well as amazing one-on-one coaching with personal trainers. You will find that there is no better gym for affordable training packages as well as affordable memberships. CrossFit gyms are always welcoming and offer a great family environment.

Staying fit is easy when you have access to this gym with its great atmosphere and supportive environment. CrossFit gyms might seem like they are too energetic for newbies, but this gym has classes and skills training for all ages and skill levels. This is actually a family gym for CrossFit of all ages.


3058 Mount Pleasant Street Northwest Washington DC

(202) 588-9088

Urban Boxing DC

This is a great boxing gym that offers other kinds of group classes for your needs. You can work on a whole host of skills training here in a variety of energetic classes.  You can get a personal trainer here at this gym for an excellent price. You can also rent the entire location for parties as well as celebrations. This is a great gym for all ages.

1116 24th St NW

(202) 621-8131


Crossfit Balance

This is a great gym for those who love the chance to take in-person classes but also virtual classes. This is a gym that also offers home gym equipment rentals. This is a great gym that offers a CrossFit box, two outdoor training areas, and personal training. The personal training is excellent here and you will find that you can work with skilled trainers for all levels of CrossFit.

This gym is located near a metro stop which makes it easy to get to the gym from many locations. This is also a great gym due to the dry sauna, Olympic Lifting platforms, and squat racks. There are very few gym locations that are as nice as this gym and you will love coming here to work out for a whole host of reasons.

1339 Green Court Northwest

(202) 216-9000


Powerlifting Gym

Powerlifting is a very fun skill to develop and there are many people who compete each year in powerlifting competitions. Finding a good powerlifting gym can be tough if you have recently moved and want to keep your training up. These gyms will take care of all of your powerlifting needs.


MINT offers lots of fun for many different skills and interests. Get a personal trainer, do some CrossFit, take spin or box. This location also offers Zumba, strength training classes, and Pilates. You will love the wide range of classes offered here at great times.

Drop-in classes are an option or you can pick from many different membership options for your needs. There are weekly or monthly options that make it easy to plan your budget as you go. The nature of powerlifting means that you need to reserve a lot of money for trainer fees in some cases, so having flexible memberships can help save you money for competitions.

1001 16th St NW

(202) 638-6468


Gyms with Pools

A pool can be a big help to your fitness goals and you will find that all of these gyms have a great pool as well as traditional gym offerings for your needs. You will love having the chance to swim as well as run and lift weights. Pools offer the chance to use your whole body at the same time as working on your cardio training.

For people who have injuries that do not allow them to bear weight on a leg or an arm, a pool can provide the necessary environment for staying fit and healthy despite their injury. Pools are used frequently in cross-training for professional athletes for this reason.

Vida Fitness

VIDA offers up a whole host of classes. You can do Olympic lifting here, get a personal trainer or even a dietician to help you train and meet your fitness goals. This is a great place for HIIT training and they have their own SweatBox where HIIT is king.

There is a full range of cardio and strength equipment on offer here and you will be able to work on all kinds of skills here. This is a great gym that can suit the needs of all ages and fitness levels with ease.

1515 15th St Nw

(202) 518-1183


This is a luxury gym that will take care of all of your needs, big and small. You will not lack for options here in the lush environment that is right in the heart of the city. This will feel more like a luxury vacation than a gym and you will wonder why you waited so long to join this gym!

1170 22nd St Nw

(202) 974-6600


Gymnastic Gyms

Gymnastic gyms need to be safe and high-tech for your safety and training needs. You will want to have access to trainers, quality gym equipment, and convenient training times. Always read reviews for the trainers before you commit to a new gym, particularly for your kids.


Integrity of Self Movement

This great gymnastics gym offers lessons for all ages as well as great equipment to work with. You will find everything that you need for your gymnastics training needs at this gym that will take care of everyone in your family.

1361 H St Ne

(202) 215-9212

Physicality DC

This is a great gym for strength training as well as gymnastics work. This is a fitness studio as well as gymnastic skills. Work on your skills one-on-one with a trainer or take group classes. There is an increased focus on flexibility and strength skills classes at this gym which makes it a great place for cross training even if you are not a gymnast.

1371 H Street NE

(202) 672-3132

Picking the Right Gym Doesn’t Have to be Tough

If you have been struggling to find the right gym for your needs, you just need to look at this list to find your next favorite gym. No matter what kind of gym you need for your workout you can find it on this list!