The Best Bars in L.A.

The L.A. bar scene is constantly expanding, making it hard to keep up. With new bars opening each year, you have to stay on top of the nightlife so you’ll know where to go.

Get the details on the best rooftop, indoor, and outdoor bars in L.A. Then, make plans for a fun night out in Los Angeles.

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Rooftop Bars in L.A.

Do you want to spend the evening on a rooftop with a drink in hand? If so, check out these rooftop bars in L.A., starting with the newest offering.

Bar Bohémien

The newest addition to L.A.’s rooftop bar scene, Bar Bohémien, has already made quite a splash. It’s located in Citizen Public Market, and sits above Jolly Oyster, Nancy Silverton’s Pizzette, and other hotspots. When you go here, you can hang out on the rooftop or spend some time inside.

Inside, you’ll be treated to:

  •       Brickwork from the 1920s
  •       Leather seats
  •       Arched windows with breathtaking views

The rooftop patio is the real gem here, though. You can gaze out at Culver Avenue while enjoying your drink. And drink you will, with innovative cocktails like Fire and Rain and Enfant de Boheme.

Bar Bohémien is located at:

9355 Culver Boulevard

Culver City, CA 90232

You can reach the bar by phone by calling (310) 730-6610.

Next, check out the hottest rooftop bar for date night.


Are you looking for a rooftop bar to go to with a special someone? Pilot might be the most romantic spot in L.A. Situated atop The Hoxton hotel, the space contains a bar, restaurant, and pool, and it’s bustling both day and night.

During the day, you’ll be treated to cheery, vibrant colors and gorgeous views. At night, lanterns illuminate the tables, creating the perfect atmosphere for romance.

When you visit, you’ll be treated to:

  •       Gourmet food
  •       Music
  •       Creative cocktails

Romance really is on the mind here, so the music isn’t overpowering. Instead, it’s at the perfect volume to talk to someone special while eating and drinking. The California chic vibe and stunning views have turned this into the go-to spot for a night on the town with the one you love.

Pilot is located at:

1060 S. Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90015

If you want to reach the bar by phone, call (323 )405-9993.

Now, let’s look at the bar that’s responsible for rejuvenating Culver City.


When Margot debuted in 2018, it did so with a bang. The rooftop bar received a lot of fanfare, with many expecting it to breathe new life into Culver City. It’s managed to do that in a big way, helping the city find new footing in the nightlife scene.

The stunning space offers:

  •       360-degree views
  •       Spanish and Italian influenced cuisine
  •       An extensive wine list and creative cocktails

Hip and upscale, this spot is ideal for dates and hanging out with friends. Be sure to bring your appetite when you come, because the food is just as good as the drinks.

Margot sits atop the Platform retail complex. You can find it at:

8820 Washington Boulevard, Suite 301

Culver City, CA 90232

The phone number is (310) 643-5853.

Next, get the details on the place to go for the quintessential L.A. experience.

Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter is the place to go if you want to enjoy the full L.A. experience. With palm trees and views of the iconic Hollywood sign, this is as L.A. as it gets. It also has cozy seating, so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy signature cocktails with friends.

The rooftop bar is just part of what Mama Shelter has to offer. You can also visit the indoor bar and restaurant. Plus, Mama Shelter has:

  •       Table football
  •       Ping-pong
  •       DJ sets

You can find Mama Shelter at:

6500 Selma Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90028

If you want to speak to the staff, give the bar a call at (323) 785-6600.

Do you prefer to stay inside while enjoying a drink? Then, check out the best indoor bars.

Indoor Bars in L.A.

Fresh air isn’t necessary for a first-rate experience. L.A.’s top-rated indoor bars know how to deliver when it comes to drinks, atmosphere, and fun. Let’s start with a hip new distillery.

Portuguese Bend Distilling

When Portuguese Bend Distilling opened in 2019, it became the first distillery in Long Beach. Thus, it makes sense that its name is a cheeky nod to the time when alcohol was outlawed in the U.S.

During the prohibition, smugglers hid liquor in a spot they referred to as “Portuguese Bend.” Now, you can enjoy legal alcohol at the new hotspot by the same name.

The name isn’t the only way the owners pay homage to the past. It’s a mix of modern and 1920s and 1930s décor, so it has an updated speakeasy feel. The décor includes:

  •       Black and white newspapers focused on prohibition
  •       20-foot walls filled with bottles of the distillery’s booze
  •       Glass panels that provide views of the distillery

The distillery makes an assortment of booze, including rum, gin, and vodka. The whisky is still aging but is on its way. Between the booze and cool atmosphere, this is a fantastic spot to hang out for some drinks.

This popular indoor bar is located at:

300 The Promenade N.

Long Beach, CA 90802

You can also reach the staff by phone by calling (562) 435-4411.

Do you want to feel like a southern belle or gent for the night? Then, the next spot on the list is for you.


You don’t have to travel below the Mason-Dixon line to have a true Southern experience. Instead, grab some food and drinks at Thunderbolt, one of the most popular spots in Echo Park.

The entire menu is a homage to the South, with food that includes:

  •       Fried green tomato sandwiches
  •       Peach cobbler
  •       Biscuits

It’s not just about the food, though. This bar also has specialty cocktails that seem to come straight out of the South. However, it really shines when it comes to its extensive lineup of Madeira.

While Madeira hails from the Portuguese island of the same name, it’s associated with the South. The founding fathers were even known to imbibe. It’s so popular that many refer to it as the wine of the South.

Thunderbolt has 25 Madeira options available for consumption, some of which hail from the 1960s. This is reason enough to stop by for a beverage.

Thunderbolt is located at:

1263 W. Temple Street

Los Angeles, CA 90026

You can also call (213) 372-5099 to learn more.

Now, get the details on the best outdoor bars in L.A.

Outdoor Bars in L.A.

You can enjoy some sun, fresh air, and drinks at the top outdoor watering holes. From “healthy alcohol” to a backyard experience, these bars elevate the nightlife experience.


Do you feel a little guilty after a night of drinking? You can assuage some of that guilt by drinking at JuneShine. This hard kombucha bar brews drinks with:

  •       Green tea
  •       Honey
  •       Fruit juice
  •       Naturally fermented alcohol

With a drink like that, you can say you’re imbibing for health reasons.

The original JuneShine is in San Diego, and it just expanded to Santa Monica in 2021. It hasn’t been here long, but it’s already receiving lots of raves. From delicious drinks to the beautifully decorated space complete with palm trees, it’s easy to relax the night away when you go here.

You can find JuneShine at:

2914 Main Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405

Also, you can reach them by phone by calling (424) 744-8702.

If you’re craving tequila, you’ll want to check out the next bar on the list.


Lanea is the hottest ticket in town when it comes to tequilas and mezcals. With more than 400 of them in stock, it has one of the largest selections in the United States. You can order one of the flights to enjoy a mini tasting or get a cocktail.

Part taqueria and part cocktail bar, you expect margaritas and the like, and it definitely delivers. However, you’ll also find some surprises, such as the:

  •       Moscow Mule
  •       Old Fashioned
  •       Watermelon.Sugar.High

The drink menu was designed to pair with the bar’s street tacos. Make sure you try some. Authentic and delicious, they are seasoned to perfection.  

Lanea is located at:

217 Broadway

Santa Monica, CA 90401

The phone number is (424) 265-7437.

Check out the next bar if you want a little taste of home while you’re out on the town.

The Backyard at Chez Jay

Few watering holes have reached the same legendary status as Chez Jay. For more than six decades, it’s been a home away from home for locals. Now, it’s more inviting than before, thanks to its newest addition called The Backyard at Chez Jay.

The Backyard started hosting guests in 2019, and people immediately fell in love with the inviting space. The massive patio has ample seating, fragrant salty breezes, and delicious food and drinks. Plus, it hosts live music on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

The menu is full of delicious drinks, including the:

  •       Hibiscus Martini
  •       Chevy to the Levy
  •       Chez Tiki

The Backyard at Chez Jay also has a robust food menu. You won’t go hungry or thirsty here.

The Backyard at Chez Jay is located at:

1657 Ocean Avenue

Santa Monica, CA 90401

If you want to reach The Backyard at Chez Jay, call (424) 238-5081.

Now, let’s look at some other bars that defy categorization.

Other Bars in L.A.

Have you still not found your ideal bar? From easy airport access to high-end gin with a twist, these offerings are perfect for people looking for something a little extra.

Melody Bar and Grill

Flying into LAX is a little stressful. If you want to unwind with a drink, you can head to Melody Bar and Grill. It’s the closest restaurant and bar to the airport, and it has the ideal vibe for unwinding after a long day.

While some people refer to Melody Bar and Grill as a dive bar, that’s not really accurate. It’s kind of a mix between a neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name and an old-school restaurant with plenty of space to spread out.

It’s not just a mix when it comes to style and atmosphere. The bar also attracts a mixture of age groups. From hip college students to retirees, everyone feels welcome here.  

Melody Bar and Grill also has a killer happy hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Stop by for:

  •       Food discounts
  •       $1 off draft beer
  •       $6 well drinks

Melody Bar and Grill is located at:

9132 S. Sepulveda Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90045

Reach them by phone by calling (310) 670-1994.

Next, let’s check out the best spot to find gin in the city.


Genever is also relatively new to the L.A. nightlife scene. It opened its doors in 2018 and quickly became the go-to place for gin. The female-owned bar isn’t lit up with flashing lights or big signs, so you do need to keep your eyes open for the small sign in the front.

It’s worth the search because this bar is on-point. The sleek, intimate interior is perfect for date nights or catching up with friends. Then, there are the drinks. Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed.

The bar has 24 different gins at its disposal, plus mezcal and rum. They come up with tons of ways to make delicious cocktails. Some cocktails even include:

  •       Butterfly pea flower
  •       Green tea

Genever is located in Historic Filipinotown at:

3123 Beverly Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90057

The phone number is (213) 908-5693.

You can’t go wrong when you choose any of these bars. Add one or two to your itinerary and have some fun in L.A. tonight.