Nightlife in Orange County

You have many options for a night out in Orange County. There are bars, game centers, and much more to keep your evenings fresh. 

In this article we will show you the best options for a good night out in Orange County.

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The Best Nightlife in Orange County

No matter what kind of evening you want to have, there is an option for you in Orange County. 


Try one of these Orange County clubs for great music and excellent drinks.


Located in Costa Mesa, CA, Time offers a space that measures over 13,000 square feet and looks like a club you would find in Las Vegas. There is a safe space for women, where they can order drinks without fear, as well as a great lighting and sound system. 

Address: 1875 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA

Phone: 949-722-7103


Legacy is a nightclub in Newport Beach with a modern and elegant ambiance. It features an LED lighting system, 6,300 square feet of space, a 150 square foot video wall, and a 70” video screen in front of the DJ space.

Address: 4647 Macarthur Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA 

Phone: 949-880-7046


Whether you want to have a few drinks in a modern space or a classic bar, you can find great options in Orange County. 

Ruin Bar

Ruin Bar features eclectic pieces of art that offer a grunge feel to this bar. It offers candles and incense for ambiance, as well as a bar decorated with fresh flowers. 

Ruin Bar offers house-made bitters and tinctures. Try their Saged and Confused cocktail with mezcal. 

Affectionately, people call Ruin Bar the “cat bar” because of all of the cat decorations. 

Address: 2930 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA

Phone: 714-884-3189

Pump Room

Pump Room has been offering excellent drinks since 1950, and it considers itself O.C’s first bikini sports bar. Female servers wear revealing outfits, and there are large TV screens that play the latest sports games. 

There are also pool tables. Try their Irish whiskey options and their wide selection of tequilas. 

Address: 1532 W. Chapman Ave., Orange, CA

Phone: 714-978-6010


If you enjoy a night playing poker, Orange County has two great spaces. 

The Gardens Casino

The Gardens Casino is open 24/7 and has a huge selection of games. The space offers promotions and special events constantly, making it an exciting space in which to play. 

If you get hungry, you can order from their restaurant without having to leave the table. There are no slot machines but lots of options for table games. 

Address: 11871 Carson St., Hawaiian Gardens, CA

Phone: 562-860-5887

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven offers non-stop poker action with buy-ins as low as $20. There are also daily poker tournaments. 

The space has a sports lounge where you can choose from excellent BLT sliders, Kobe beef, and much more. Prices are very affordable. 

Address: 121 Brooks St., Oceanside, CA 

Phone: 888-439-6988


If you want to have a good meal, choose one of these options in Orange County, CA. 

Broadway by Amar Santana

This restaurant offers innovative New American cuisine made by Chef Amar Santana. It offers a sleek and elegant atmosphere featuring images of New York hanging from exposed brick walls. 

The menu offers a selection of small plates as well as spiced-rubbed venison and much more. 

Address: 328 Glenneyre St. (Forest Ave.), Laguna Beach, CA 

Phone: 949-715-8234

Knife Pleat

For modern French cuisine, look no further than Knife Pleat. With a location as elegant as its dishes, Knife Pleat provides a full dining experience. 

Try the seafood risotto and the Alaskan halibut. For a special finish to the meal, try their Caramel, a caramel mousse, almond cake, and crumble hidden beneath a caramel tuile. 

Address: 3333 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA 

Phone: 714-266-3388


For a night full of adventures, try these spots. 

Flightdeck Simulation Center

Get the opportunity to pilot a fighter jet virtually with an actual cockpit simulator. You can experience all of the challenges of aerial maneuvers alone or with up to eight friends. 

Address: 400 West Disney Way, Anaheim, CA

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

This trampoline park combines fitness with fun for the whole family or for a night out with friends. It offers 3D dodgeball courts, sky-slam basketball, foam pits, and more. 

They have a main food court as well as a lounge. 

Address: 1301 Kellogg Dr., Anaheim, CA 

Phone: 657-366-1830

Recovering from a Night of Partying in Orange County

If you have spent a night partying in Orange County and wake up feeling less than your best, turn to Reset IV for IV therapy options. We offer a selection of hangover IV therapies throughout Orange County to help you rehydrate and start feeling better. 

Still Spinning 

Still spinning offers saline hydration and your choice of a pain-killer, anti-nausea medication, or anti-heartburn medication. 


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Defcon 1

If you wake up with nausea and a headache, opt for this therapy. It offers saline, as well as your choice of two medications: painkillers, anti-nausea medication, or anti-heartburn medication. 

The Baller

You can regain your strength with The Baller. It offers saline as well as a Myers Cocktail, which includes calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. 

You can opt to include either a multivitamin cocktail or a combination of painkillers, anti-heartburn medication, and anti-nausea medication. 

Pre Game

To help prevent a hangover, you can choose the Pre Game IV therapy. With saline to keep you hydrated and a B vitamin complex for energy, you can enjoy your night. 

Have Fun in Orange County

To enjoy your night out in Orange County, CA, consider turning to Reset IV. You can choose to prepare for the night or have our number ready for the next morning. 

Call us to learn more about how we can help you recover with our IV therapy options.