Best Sports Bars in Washington, DC

Watching sports at home might be fun, but it’s hard to beat the thrills and camaraderie of watching with others. Instead of inviting your buddies over to your house, head to one of the best sports bars in Washington, D.C.

From massive TVs to a huge selection of drinks, these bars take game day to the next level.

Let’s start with The Game Sports Pub, which is easily one of the best places to grab a drink and watch some sports.

The Game Sports Pub

When the Ventnor Sports Café in Adams Morgan shuttered its doors, it left a gaping hole in the sports bar scene. Fortunately, The Game Sports Pub filled that hole and then some when it took over the location. It’s only been in business since 2019, but it’s quickly making a name for itself as the place to grab a beer, cocktail, and grub while watching the game.

Variety is the name of the game at this cool pub.  You can choose from:

  •       Six draft beers
  •       More than 20 bottled beers
  •       Over 30 whiskeys

Oh, and it has an ever-changing menu full of mouthwatering Filipino American offerings.

There are wall-to-wall TVs, plus a projection TV in the upper level. It draws in the crowds during big games, including the Super Bowl.

The Game Sports Pub hosted an epic Super Bowl party in 2021 that included an open bar and tons of food. Keep an eye out for the next Super Bowl since this place will likely have the hottest party in town.

If you want to visit Game Sports Pub, you can find it at:

2411 18th St NW, Washington, D.C.

Phone: (202) 846-1952

What if you’re more of a soccer fan? Then, you’ll want to check out the next bar on the list.

Lucky Bar

Have you been searching for a place to watch some soccer with your pals? Lucky Bar in Washington, D.C., is the premier sports bar for soccer fans. The patio has become quite the gathering spot to watch soccer and listen to live music. Of course, with 22 TVs and three big screens, there really isn’t a bad spot to watch your team mow down the competition.

Lucky Bar updates its website with its upcoming sporting events. Oh, and if your event starts early in the day, no worries. Lucky Bar has been known to open up early to host fans.

While the sports are on point, this place really scores high marks when it comes to the atmosphere. Everyone is always in good spirits, the staff is friendly, and it’s like a big party every time you go.

Are you ready to head to Lucky Bar? You’ll find it at:

1221 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, D.C.

Phone: (202) 331-3733.

Are you looking for live music, sports, and a little bit of comedy? Public Bar Live has you covered. 

Public Bar Live

If you walked into a Public Bar a few years ago, your first impression would be, “This place is kind of a dive.” Sure, it was a fun place to watch sports, but it was anything but modern and sleek.

But that was then, and this is now. Rebranded as Public Bar Live in 2019, it’s sleek, modern, and one of the hippest places to watch a game in Dupont Circle.

When you drop by, you can enjoy:

  •       Three bars
  •       A 24-foot stage with live music
  •       Open mic nights
  •       Comedy performances
  •       Bottle service
  •       Rooftop patios
  •       Over 40 TVs

Don’t let the massive stage and open mic nights fool you, though. This is still a sports bar at heart. According to the new owners, it’s 25 percent live music and 75 percent sports.

This place gets packed, so don’t delay. Head over to:

1214 18th St NW, Washington, D.C.

Phone: (240) 308-9267

Are you a Boston sports fan? You’re going to love the next sports bar on the list.

Dirty Waters Sports Bar

You can check out your favorite Boston sports teams in action at Dirty Waters Sports Bar. Oh, and if you have a strong feeling about which team will win the game, you can place your bet here.

There always seems to be some kind of event here to celebrate the playoffs, a holiday, and more. Events often include access to an open bar for a reasonable fee.

This bar is located at:

816 H St NE, Washington, D.C.

Phone: (504) 296-6180

Do you think that wings and sports go together like sacks and turnovers? It sounds like Duffy’s Irish Pub must be calling your name.

Duffy’s Irish Pub

Some bars are known for their robust beer selection or creative cocktails. When it comes to Duffy’s Irish Pub, it’s all about the wings. It has the best around and often offers them at half price. Now, that’s a way to watch the big game.

It’s also the place to slide up to the bar and grab a pint of Guinness. The bartenders pour the perfect pint with a creamy white head, but not overly fizzy. This Irish pub knows its stuff.

It also knows how to celebrate the game. The bar features:

  •       Nine flatscreen TVs with stadium sound
  •       Legal sports betting
  •       Indoor and outdoor seating

Duffy’s Irish Pub has two locations. You can find it at:

1016 H St NE, Washington, D.C.

2153 P Street NW, Washington, D.C.

Phone: (202) 462-9464

Are you looking for something a bit more upscale? You’ll get just that at the next sports bar on the list.

Crimson Whiskey Bar

You might think it’s hard to find a refined sports bar, but there’s one right here in D.C. You can’t beat Crimson Whiskey Bar, where you’ll enjoy an upscale experience, plus all the whiskey you can drink.

Crimson Whiskey Bar is located in the Motto by Hilton Washington, D.C. City Center Hotel and is part of three venues that also include a diner and a rooftop bar.

The whiskey bar is on the lower level and is dark, elegant, and cozy. With 15-foot ceilings, dark wood, and enough seating for 250 people, it’s become the go-to spot to catch the game and drink some whiskey.

It has wood-aged American whiskey from:

  •       Washington, D.C.
  •       Maryland
  •       Virginia
  •       West Virginia
  •       Kentucky

You can also get craft cocktails, wine, beer, and delicious southern-inspired food.

This is a popular gathering spot when a game is going on at the Capital One Arena. You can watch it inside while sipping a smooth whiskey.

Crimson Whiskey Bar is located at:

627 H St NW, Washington, D.C.

Phone: (202) 847-4459

Whiskey is great, but what if you want a huge selection of craft brews? You’ll find what you’re looking for at the next sports bar.

Meridian Pint

Meridian Pint was formally a D.C. establishment, but now it’s just a short drive away in Arlington. With its close proximity, it’s not unusual for D.C. residents to head over for a growler full of perfectly crafted beer.

Meridian Pint has indoor and outdoor spaces available, plus delicious menu items that include:

  •       Fish and chips
  •       Wisconsin cheese curds
  •       Meridian nachos

Happy hour is always buzzing at this sports bar. If you come by from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., you’ll be treated to:

  •       $6 food options
  •       $7 wine
  •       $6 drafts
  •       $6 liquor

Then, you will also get access to the best games going on at the moment. The neighborhood bar atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for watching sports. You’ll make friends as you cheer together for the local guys to win. Of course, if they lose, you can drown your sorrows in one of the specialty beers, so everyone comes out a winner here.

You can find Meridian Pint at:

6035 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA

Phone: (703) 300-9655

Do you eat, drink, and sleep football? You’ll be in touchdown heaven at the next spot on the list.

Penn Quarter Sports Tavern

If you love watching football, a trip to Penn Quarter Sports Tavern is in order. The bar has 19 60-inch TVs throughout the two-story venue and lets fans reserve spots to watch their favorite teams. That means you can have a standing table at Penn Quarter Sports Tavern to watch your team crush the competition.

The owner makes sure there’s always a variety of games on, so you can stop by to watch the:

  •       Washington Redskins
  •       Seattle Seahawks
  •       Chicago Bears
  •       Denver Broncos
  •       Baltimore Ravens

Its setup is fun, with different areas for different teams so you can meet like-minded fans. For instance, if you’re a transplant from Seattle, you can meet other Seahawks fans when you head here to watch the game.

It’s not all about the professionals here, either. College football is a big deal at this sports bar, so you never have to miss the action when you come here. Between the TVs, drinks, and sports memorabilia, you’ll have a hard time staying away from Penn Quarter Sports Tavern.

You can find this popular sports bar at:

639 Indiana Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.

Phone: (202) 347-6666

Now, check out the final sports bar on the list, where you can watch the game from a gorgeous rooftop.

Cleveland Park Bar and Grill

You’ll feel right at home the second you walk into Cleveland Park Bar and Grill. It has a neighborhood bar vibe, where everyone gets to know each other. Plus, the bar has 40 big-screen TVs that are spread out inside and the rooftop, making it the ideal place to watch your favorite teams.

The rooftop is really the place to go to watch the game. There’s a covered area in case it rains, and the views are gorgeous.

Also, because this is a neighborhood bar, the people on the rooftop are usually interested in enjoying drinks and watching the game. It’s not really a loud party atmosphere. Instead, it’s pretty laid back and chill, except when the home team secures a win. Then, it’s time to celebrate.

You can find Cleveland Park Bar and Grill at:

3421 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.

Phone: (202) 806-8940

You are sure to have a blast if you pick any of these sports bars, so why stop at one? Check them all out, and then choose one to be your go-to spot on game day.

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