Best Parks in Las Vegas

Do you want to spend some time in the great outdoors but don’t know where to go?

Las Vegas and the surrounding areas are full of parks that offer a variety of experiences.

Check out the best national, state, family, and dog parks in the area. Plus, get the details on the top parks that have lakes and ponds.

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National Parks in Las Vegas

If you want to immerse yourself in nature, you can’t beat a national park. Las Vegas is home to a national conservation area and a national recreation area that locals and tourists love visiting. 

First, let’s look at the national conservation area.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon has the distinction of being the first national conservation area in Nevada. This 195,819-acre conservation area is the ideal spot for soaking up nature.

The conservation area includes:

  •       26 numbered hikes and trails
  •       13-mile scenic drive
  •       Rock climbing
  •       Mountain biking
  •       Horseback riding

It’s also a popular place for observing nature. Plus, if you need a break from the heat, you can go inside to see indoor exhibits.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is located at 1000 Scenic Loop Drive in Las Vegas.

Do you want to enjoy even more hands-on activities? The next park on the list is the spot for you.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area has the honor of being the first national conservation area in the country. The massive park consists of 1.5 million acres that include:

  •       Mountains
  •       Canyons
  •       Valleys
  •       Two lakes

You can do it all at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Popular activities include:

  •       Fishing
  •       Boating
  •       Swimming
  •       Hiking
  •       Camping
  •       Hunting
  •       Biking

With so much to explore, it’s one of those places that you can visit time and time again. You’ll find the park at 10 Lakeshore Road in Boulder City, Nevada.

These parks have everything you need, but what about Fido? Let’s look at the best dog parks in Las Vegas.

Dog Parks in Las Vegas

If your dog has a lot of built-up energy, he can burn it off at a dog park. Dog parks allow you to take your dog off-leash for playtime. Let’s start with All American Park, where you can have as much fun as your pup.

All American Park

If you want to share in the fun with your pup, head over to All American Park. There’s a nice dog run for Fido, plus some amenities for you to enjoy. Popular amenities include the:

  •       Tennis courts
  •       Walking track
  •       Playground
  •       Water play feature

Oh, and the park also has lots of open space. After spending time at the dog run, you can put your pup back on the leash to hang out in the green spaces.

All American Park is located at 1551 S. Buffalo Drive in Las Vegas.

Centennial Hills Park

Centennial Hills Park is another nice choice if you want to split time between human and dog activities. The park has two fenced areas to separate big and small dogs. Plus, the park features:

  •       Soccer fields
  •       Sand volleyball courts
  •       Walking paths
  •       Picnic areas

You can find this park at 7101 North Buffalo Drive.

Barkin’ Basin Park

What if Fido wants it to be all about him for a day? If so, you can make his wish come true with a trip to Barkin’ Baskin Park. This park has three separate areas for pups and water fountains for dogs and people. Plus, you can grab a seat in the shade while your dog runs around.

Typically, only two of the three areas are open. One area is for big dogs, and the other for small dogs.

This park is located at 7351 West Alexander Road.

Once you play with your pup, you can focus on yourself again. Check out the best state parks in Las Vegas.  

State Parks in Las Vegas

State parks have ample outdoor space and activities for you to enjoy. You can also soak up some history with the first park on the list. Let’s dive into Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

If you are interested in history and nature, a trip to Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is in order. Previously a working ranch, the land was also used as a luxury retreat that hosted the likes of Howard Hughes and Vera Krupp.

Today, it’s full of history and opportunities for exploration. Highlights include:

  •       A blacksmith shop from the 1860s
  •       Sandstone Cabin
  •       Hiking trails

It’s also a popular spot for picnicking and hiking.

The park is located at 6375 NV-159 in Blue Diamond, NV.

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park is one of the most stunning state parks in the country. Red sandstone rocks cover the 40,000-acre park. If possible, visit during sunset, when the bright sandstone creates the illusion of a massive fire. 

The park also has ancient petrified trees and other natural and geological sights. Popular activities include:

  •       Camping
  •       Picnicking
  •       Hiking

Valley of Fire State Park is located at 29450 Valley of Fire Highway in Overton, Nevada.

Have you been itching to go fishing? If so, you’re going to love these next parks.

Parks in Vegas With a Pond or Lake

On the surface, you might not think Vegas is a fishing destination. However, there are some parks that prove otherwise. First, let’s look at Floyd Lamb Park, where you can catch an assortment of fish.

Floyd Lamb Park

At 680 acres, Floyd Lamb Park has a lot to offer Las Vegas residents. However, the Floyd Lamb Park Pond is the park’s crown jewel. It consists of four ponds. The park district stocks the largest of the four with fish, making it the ideal spot for landing a big one.

The largest pond is around five acres, with depth levels that go down to 15 feet. Throw your line in the water if you want to catch:

  •       Rainbow trout
  •       Channel catfish
  •       Bluegill
  •       Redear sunfish
  •       Green sunfish
  •       Crappie
  •       Largemouth bass

This fantastic park is located at 9200 Tule Springs Road.

Sunset Park

Sunset Park is one of the best outdoor spaces in Las Vegas. Sitting at 324 acres, it has it all, including the Sunset Park Pond.

This gorgeous pond is close to 14 acres and gets as deep as 12 feet. The city has maintained the entire shoreline, so you can drop a line from any spot.

This pond is stocked with an assortment of fish, so you never know what you might find at the end of your line. Common catches include:

  •       Rainbow trout
  •       Channel catfish
  •       Bluegill
  •       Redear sunfish
  •       Black crappie
  •       Largemouth bass

The park also has picnic areas and barbecues in case you want to spend the day. If you want to visit, head to 2601 East Sunset Road in Las Vegas.

Lorenzi Park

Anglers of all ages love reeling in fish at Lorenzi Park. In the early days, the park had two ponds, which were eventually combined into one. The renovated pond is close to three acres, and some parts are 10 feet deep.

The fish tend to bite at the park, and you can expect to catch:

  •       Rainbow trout
  •       Channel catfish
  •       Bluegill
  •       Largemouth bass

The entire pond makes for great fishing, so find a clear spot to cast your line. You can also make use of the picnic areas if you need to break for lunch.

This fishing spot is located at 3333 West Washington Avenue.

Fishing is great, but are you searching for family activities? The next set of parks has you covered.

Family Parks in Las Vegas

With playgrounds, sporting fields, and more, family parks are perfect for a day of fun with the little ones. Let’s start with Rainbow Family Park, which features amenities for people of all ages.

Rainbow Family Park

If you want to visit a spacious park with your little ones, Rainbow Family Park is the place to go. Situated on 26 acres, your crew will have plenty of room to run, play, and make memories.

This park has everything you need for a fun day out, including:

  •       A playground
  •       A horseshoe pit
  •       Baseball fields
  •       Soccer fields
  •       A fitness court

Plus, there’s a picnic area and lots of open space. Consider bringing some gear along, such as a soccer ball or frisbee, for some outdoor fun when you go here. And definitely bring lunch since you can easily spend a full day at the park.

Rainbow Family Park is located at 7151 West Oakey Boulevard.

East Las Vegas Family Park

East Las Vegas Family Park has cemented its place as one of the best outdoor spaces for adults and children. It always attracts large crowds, thanks to amenities that include a:

  •       Basketball court
  •       Water play area
  •       Soccer field
  •       Playground

The playground is shaded, so bring a book and relax while the little ones burn off some energy. You can also make use of the spacious grassy areas for frisbee and other activities.

You’ll find this popular family park at 4480 East Washington Avenue.

Molasky Family Park

You can load up the family for a day of fun at Molasky Family Park. The nine-acre park has ample green space for the little ones to run around, plus a:

  •       Water spray park
  •       Playground
  •       Volleyball court
  •       Soccer field
  •       Dog run
  •       Walking path
  •       Picnic area

The soccer field was added in 2020, along with some additional upgrades. If you used to visit but haven’t been for a while, it’s worth another trip.

Molasky Family Park is located at 1065 East Twain in Las Vegas.

Picnicking is always a fun outdoor activity. With that in mind, let’s look at the best parks with picnic areas.

Parks With Picnic Areas in Las Vegas

Are you looking for a place with large picnic areas, grills, and more? Las Vegas is full of options. First up is Bob Baskin Park, an ideal place for picnics and more.

Bob Baskin Park

Bob Baskin Park is a wonderful place to dine al fresco. The six-acre park has picnic tables throughout. There are 13 in all, located by the:

  •       Playground
  •       Water play area
  •       Tennis courts
  •       Walking and jogging track

You’ll find this urban playground at 2801 West Oakey Boulevard.

Desert Breeze Park

If you want to enjoy a picnic, you can also head to Desert Breeze Park. As the second-largest park in the county, it provides ample opportunities to eat in the great outdoors.

All the picnic tables and grills are first-come, first-serve, so no reservations are available.

Desert Breeze Park is located at 8275 Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas.

Lone Mountain Park

Lone Mountain Park has five covered shelters with picnic tables available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also rent the:

  •       Gazebo on the south side with two grills and seven tables
  •       Gazebo in the middle of the park with two grills, 12 tables, and a large pavilion
  •       Gazebo on the northern part of the park with three grills and seven tables

The park is located at 4445 North Jensen in Las Vegas. If you want to reserve a gazebo, fill out and submit the park reservation form.

Now you’re ready to go out and explore Las Vegas. From hiking and fishing to playing sports, you’ll have a blast in the great outdoors.