Alcohol Delivery in Virginia

The ubiquitous slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” is purposefully open-ended. Virginia is for history lovers, mountain lovers, and party lovers. 

With its revised alcohol delivery laws, Virginia is also for lovers of relaxing at home while their favorite beverage is on its way. 

Is Alcohol Delivery in Virginia Legal?

Like many states, Virginia legalized alcohol delivery and cocktails to go during the height of pandemic lockdowns. The laws allowing alcohol delivery were extended through July 2024, with considerations for safety issues. 

Current businesses that hope to deliver alcohol will need a third-party license. This license calls for online courses on responsible drinking for delivery drivers, validating the age of the person accepting the delivery, and food service requirements. Businesses will need to certify their compliance with these rules yearly. 

In addition, bars and restaurants can continue to sell cocktails to go. However, some stipulations exist, such as a limit of four drinks per order for restaurants.

Alcohol Delivery Services in Virginia 

Virginia’s alcohol delivery laws are still in their infancy. Still, a few companies have already stepped up to provide you with your favorite beverages at home. As long as alcohol delivery in Virginia remains legal, these companies will ensure you never have to worry about leaving to restock your bar in the middle of a party. 


Drizly works like many modern delivery services. You use the app or hop onto Drizly’s website to specify where the alcohol delivery will go, shop the selection of over 2,000 products, pay, and wait patiently for your beverages. 

On the back end, Drizly connects customers with participating local liquor stores. Everyone benefits. Local liquor stores get more sales, customers get more selection and the ability to shop from home, and Drizly establishes itself as a big name in alcohol delivery. 


Minibar’s alcohol delivery service is available in over 90 cities in 18 states, including Virginia. The app connects customers with local liquor stores that deliver.

This platform saves you the hassle of digging around to find the stores that offer delivery services, shopping multiple stores to find an elusive bottle, or leaving in the middle of a Taco Tuesday because you ran out of tequila. 

Minibar delivers your order within a couple of hours, and you can easily add limes, ice, or other needs.

OneStop Delivery

OneStop Delivery is a local company offering a little bit of everything. Serving Lynchburg to Altavista, OneStop offers restaurant, grocery, and alcohol delivery. Customers can choose contactless delivery, scheduled drop-offs, or an “order now” option.


Instacart is one of the big names in grocery delivery services. In states where alcohol delivery is legal, customers can order their favorite beers, wines, and liquors and have them delivered to the comfort of their homes. 

In most areas, one-hour delivery is $7.99 and two-hour delivery is $5.99. Alternatively, free two-hour deliveries are included in an annual Instacart membership. 

Instacart shoppers can deliver your favorite beverage and anything else you’d order from the service, and you can relax knowing the policy is to choose the best item available. 


Need your beverages in a hurry? Saucey provides one of the fastest alcohol delivery services in Virginia, aiming to have your order to your door in 30 minutes or less. 

One of the other highlights of Saucey’s services is its lack of a minimum order requirement: You can have Saucey deliver everything from a bag of ice to high-end liquor. Its app is also easy to use, so you’re not left fumbling around trying to find your preferred choice.

Stores That Deliver Alcohol in Virginia 

You don’t need a fancy app or a delivery service to get your alcohol delivered in Virginia. Instead, you can place your orders directly with local retailers that provide premium to-your-door service.

Virginia ABC Stores

Virginia locals know the only places to buy liquor in the state are the ABC stores. There are over 380 ABC stores throughout the state, and most offer a solid selection of favorites with a few rare finds mixed in. 

Fortunately, many ABC stores now offer alcohol delivery services. These services vary by store, so check yours to see if it participates.


Wegmans grocery stores throughout Virginia offer an extensive collection of beer, wine, and delivery services. In addition to its vast alcohol selection, Wegmans frequently has the best deals on beverages.

Total Wine

The name says it all. Total Wine provides a tremendous beer and wine selection, with warehouse-sized stores filled with various beverages. 

Total Wine makes the delivery process simple. You make your selection, choose delivery and your preferred time frame, and relax, knowing your order is on its way. 

How to Recover from a Hangover in Virginia 

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