Alcohol Delivery In Salt Lake City

Want to order alcohol in Salt Lake City? In this article we’ll explore the legality and services for alcohol delivery in the Crossroads of the West. 

Utah’s Liquor Laws

Utah’s liquor laws are stricter than the state’s west coast neighbors. Still, in June of 2022, many ordinances received an overhaul, tightening rules in some scenarios and loosening them in others. 

Critical Changes in Utah Liquor Laws

Utah is one of 17 states that issue per capita liquor licenses. The current per capita quota is one liquor license for every 10,200 people. One of the significant changes that went into effect in June of 2022 is bar licenses that are sublicensed for a hotel or resort they’re located within are no longer included in that quota. 

In addition to more bars, here are some of the other changes that affect those in Salt Lake City.

How is Beer Defined?

In Utah, beer has to be 5% alcohol by volume (ABV) or less to be sold in grocery stores or offered on tap in bars and restaurants. Alcoholic beverages that fall under the label of “beer” include:

  • Beer
  • Porter
  • Lager
  • Ale
  • Stout
  • Malt
  • Malt beverage
  • Seltzer

In addition, regardless of the ABV, if a beverage contains wine, liquor, or THC, it cannot be classified as beer and sold in grocery stores or on tap.

Beer to Go

One significant new development is the ability to take your beer to go from bars and restaurants. Your beer must be 5% ABV or less and sold in a sealed container smaller than two liters. However, you must dine there first if you’re trying to grab a carryout beer from a restaurant. 

More Alcohol Accessibility on Sundays

Buying alcohol on Sundays requires visiting a manufacturer with a Type 5 package agency license. While that stipulation hasn’t changed, the ability to obtain a Type 5 license has. Now, almost any distillery, brewery, or winery should be able to apply.

Is Alcohol Delivery in Salt Lake City Legal?

No. At least not yet. Keep an eye out for updates on House Bill 425, allowing beer delivery with specific stipulations. Unfortunately, the Utah House of Representatives hasn’t voted on the bill yet.

If the bill does come to pass, you could have the ability to get beer from Salt Lake City’s 32 breweries.

What Are the Best Breweries in Salt Lake City?

There’s a difference between brewpubs and breweries in Utah. A brewpub is a restaurant that has a brewery. Brewpubs generally have a full menu and kitchen.

However, some brewpubs also have a liquor license and sell hard alcohol in addition to beer, and that classifies them as a bar. 

A brewery has a tap room or a tasting room and may have a small kitchen that serves snacks and appetizers but does not have to have a full menu. 

Tap beer has to be 5% ABV or less, though you can buy cans and bottled beer to go from a brewery that may have a higher ABV. 

Here are some of Salt Lake City’s best options.

Epic Brewing

Epic Brewing offers a range of beers, including IPAs, stouts, light lagers, sours, and more. With over 43 beers in their lineup, Epic has a beer for every taste with seasonal flavors, including their Pineapple Creamsicle IPA or Bad Baptist, aged in whiskey and rum barrels.

Few of Epic Brewing’s beers meet the 5% ABV or lower stipulation, so don’t expect to find your favorite on tap. However, you can grab a can and settle in at their nearby eatery.

Epic Brewing, 825 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, 801-906-0123

Bohemian Brewing

Bohemian Brewing is located close to the Big and Little Cottonwood canyons. All of the beers at Bohemian have a Czech Republic and Bavaria flair, as the area was formerly known as Bohemia. 

You can expect traditional pilsner and amber lagers, Bavarian-style hefeweizen, German Pale Ales, and many other options. 

Bohemian Brewing is a can’t-miss spot for Oktoberfest, though their restaurant serves brats and kraut year round, alongside traditional American bar food. 

Bohemian Brewing, 94 E 7200, Midvale, 801-566-5474

SaltFire Brewing Company

SaltFire Brewing Company toes the line between session beers that meet the 5% ABV or less requirement and more potent options. The team at SaltFire likes to keep their edges sharp with new varieties that include two types of Dirty Chai Stout, a handful of IPAs, and even a sour or two. 

Their tasting room is the perfect place to spend an afternoon sampling their creative concoctions and finding new favorites.

SaltFire Brewing Company, 2199 S W Temple, South Salt Lake, 385- 955-0504

Templin Family Brewing

It’s hard to top a visit to Templin Family Brewing. Specializing in German lagers, T.F. Brewing also serves up IPAs, sours, and stouts. While their beers take center stage, T.F. Brewing also has a full liquor license, so those who prefer the harder stuff can enjoy a crafted Old Fashioned or other options. 

Templin Family Brewing serves lighter fare in their tasting areas, like charcuterie boards, and maintains a regular schedule of food trucks.

Templin Family Brewing, 936 South 300 West Salt Lake City, 385-270-5972

Wasatch Brewing

Wasatch Brewing is one of the oldest in Salt Lake City, first opening its doors in 1986. Some of Wasatch’s notable and irreverent beers include their Polygamy Porter and I Share IPA, though the EVO Amber Ale is another popular option on tap.

Wasatch has a full menu at its West Side Tavern, including appetizers, burgers, and standout sandwiches. 

Wasatch Brewing, 2110 Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, 801-466-8855

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