Alcohol Delivery in Orlando

Sometimes the best parties come to you. While there’s a lot to love about Orlando’s thriving nightclub and bar scene, there’s something great about hanging out with friends and having a beverage or two at home.

Fortunately, alcohol delivery in Orlando can make a night in as much fun as a night out. 

Is Alcohol Delivery in Orlando Legal?

Yes! To-go alcohol purchases became legal in Florida in the summer of 2021. Restaurants can sell alcoholic beverages to go and via delivery. However, like all laws around alcohol, there are some caveats.

For example, only restaurants that receive 51% of their revenue from food and nonalcoholic beverages and have a minimum dining capacity of at least 150 people can sell alcohol to go. Additionally, to-go drinks must be smaller than 32 ounces and cannot be factory sealed. Finally, any alcohol delivery from a restaurant must come with food.

Retail stores and third-party vendors can also deliver factory-sealed bottles of alcohol. So now that you can have your alcohol delivered in Orlando, who does it best?

Alcohol Delivery Services in Orlando

As alcohol delivery has become legal in more states, both new and established companies have risen to the occasion.


UberEats will pick up your alcohol order from liquor stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and other locations and deliver it to your door. You can track your order by the minute using the UberEats app, and frequently, your order will arrive at your home within an hour. 


Drizly is a national chain offering alcohol delivery in all 31 states where the practice is legal, including Florida. 

The Drizly app partners local retailers and delivery drivers with customers, promising at-your-door service in less than an hour.

Minibar Delivery

Similar to Drizly, Minibar Delivery partners with over 200 brands and delivers alcohol on demand in 18 states. It also collaborates with independent vineyards to provide wine in 40 states, with orders arriving in just three to four days. 

Minibar delivers more than just your next 12-pack of Blue Moon. You can also have oranges for your glass and ice for your cooler delivered to your doorstep. Additionally, the app allows you to schedule your delivery to arrive immediately or up to a week in advance. 


You don’t need a special service to receive alcohol anymore. You can just hit your regular grocery delivery app to have Instacart add wine to your food delivery order or schedule a trip to Total Wine or other retailers. 


When you need a little top-off, Saucey is the alcohol delivery service for you. Saucey does not require an order minimum; you can order a bottle of wine and a bag of chips or a couple of cases of beer. 

Saucey also advertises that its app is “buzz-proof,” so you shouldn’t mess up your order even if you place it in the middle of an intense game of beer pong.

Like Minibar Delivery, Saucey offers fast delivery services, or you can schedule your alcohol to show up in a few days.


Gopuff delivers everything from home essentials to food and, of course, alcohol. One of the benefits of choosing Gopuff is the service’s nominal delivery fees. GoPuff charges a flat $2.95 fee for an order containing alcohol, or you can be a member for $5.95 per month. 

Delivery fees are low because Gopuff fulfills orders directly from its warehouse Instead of serving as a third-party vendor. On average, customers receive their orders in about 30 minutes.

Stores That Deliver Alcohol in Orlando

Alcohol delivery services aren’t the only ones ensuring your favorite beverage arrives at your door. Many local stores got the hang of offering delivery during the pandemic and continued with this lucrative service. 

While local stores are less likely to guarantee delivery in an hour or two, they may have a more extensive selection and employees who are happy to get to know your preferences and make recommendations. Here are some favorites.

Cheers Wine & Liquor

With outstanding customer service, a ridiculous selection of beer, wine, and liquor, and reasonable prices, Cheers Wine & Liquor fills all of our requirements for a liquor store, and they deliver. 

Cheers is open until 11 p.m. most nights and until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Epic Wine & Spirits

Epic Wine & Spirits is a relatively new liquor store on International Drive. However, since it opened in 2021, Epic quickly figured out how to offer seamless alcohol delivery.

This store also stands out for its unique selection of spirits and friendly, knowledgable staff who are happy to provide recommendations on everything from small-batch bourbon to wine pairings.

The Liquor Library & Wine Market

Great prices, cheerful staff, and an excellent selection make The Liquor Library & Wine Market a preferred spot to shop in-store or have your bottles delivered. 

While the delivery option is a great perk of shopping at The Liquor Library & Wine Market, the store’s exceptional customer service keeps patrons coming back to check out the in-store selection.

How to Recover from a Hangover in Orlando

Knowing you won’t have to drive makes celebrating at home worry-free — until you realize the next day how quickly those new beverages went down. Luckily, you don’t have to spend the day suffering. Just call Reset IV. 

Reset IV offers IV therapy in Orlando and our hangover packages can help you bounce back from a big night out — or in. 

For those who are big planners who already know they’re not going to count their drinks, there’s the Pre-Game Package, serving up saline and B-complex vitamins so you can feel ready to take on the world.

If you’re more of a steady sipper, you may prefer the Hydration Package, which infuses saline into your system so you can stop dragging yourself through your day. 

Those who feel the stomach-turning effects of mixing liquors or having a couple too many may benefit from Still Spinning, which adds a boost of anti-nausea, pain relief, or anti-heartburn medication.

If you showed off your beer pong skills and beat the keg stand record, you may benefit from the Defcon 1 package or The Baller, two hangover-fighting infusions that can help you feel brand-new no matter how hard you went the night before.

Reset IV knows that half the battle of recovering from a hangover is getting out of bed. We offer IV infusions delivered to your door within about an hour with no delivery fees. Hangovers are sneaky. Prepare yourself by saving our number today.