Alcohol Delivery in Maryland

Maryland offers breathtaking shorelines, historical sites, lively cities — and alcohol brought right to your door, so you can focus on enjoying everything the state offers without wasting time at the store. 

Is Alcohol Delivery in Maryland Legal?

Currently, yes. In an effort to support local businesses, Maryland now allows alcohol delivery and to-go cocktail sales. In 2020, Governor Larry Hogan signed a bill to allow alcohol delivery as a temporary COVID-19 relief measure. The bill was later extended until June 2023. 

Licensed establishments can deliver alcoholic beverages authorized under their licenses despite any alcohol delivery or to-go sales restrictions in their current permits. While local licensing boards cannot charge extra for delivery and carryout sales privileges, they can limit the amount of alcohol sold in a transaction.

In the meantime, the Maryland Department of Health and the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission are studying the impact of expanded access to alcohol.

Alcohol Delivery Services in Maryland 

Many services have already stepped in to ensure that locals and tourists can benefit from legal alcohol delivery in Maryland. 


Minibar understands that running out of alcohol isn’t the only thing that will slow down a party. The alcohol delivery platform — connecting customers with local liquor stores since 2014 — doesn’t stop at dropping off a 12-pack or a bottle of tequila. 

Through Minibar, you can purchase anything necessary for your party and have it delivered within a couple of hours. Ice, limes, and mixers are available through the app or online ordering system. Minibar also highlights discounts and offers promo codes, so you can save money on liquor without even leaving your couch.


Established in 2012, Drizly provides customers with a platform for ordering alcohol from local liquor stores. You can schedule your delivery for within an hour or a few days in advance. 

Alcohol delivery isn’t new to Drizly, so it has the process perfected. You can access over 2,000 products, receive fast delivery, and use the simple platform to find what you need.


BottleRover is the brainchild of Bottlecapps, a cloud-based app company that builds branded liquor store apps, allowing stores to sell products and customers to purchase online. 

When Bottlecapps entered the delivery business, it quickly built its empire with BottleRover, the largest online alcohol marketplace in North America. You can make your purchase through the mobile app or website and have your favorite beverages shipped, delivered, or available for curbside pickup. 


Instacart is the grocery delivery service you know and love. Soon after Maryland legalized alcohol delivery, Instacart began offering the service throughout the state.

One of Instacart’s highlights is its policy to pick the best of what’s available, so if you’re purchasing Corona and some limes, you can rest assured the limes will be as fresh as the ones you would personally choose. 

If you’re requesting an occasional alcohol delivery, you may prefer to pay Instacart’s delivery fee. Enjoy having someone else do your beer runs? You can get an annual membership and take full advantage of grocery and alcohol delivery services with no additional fees. 


Postmates will deliver alcoholic drinks and food orders and offers the same alcohol delivery services as companies like Drizly and Minibar. 

This national delivery service has teamed up with several local liquor stores to provide their entire selection. It even lets you know how long delivery from each location should take based on where available drivers are. 

Postmates aims to deliver alcohol to customers in 30 minutes or less. It also keeps you updated on the status of your order so you’ll know exactly when to expect its arrival. 

Stores That Deliver Alcohol in Maryland

Now that local stores can offer alcohol delivery in Maryland, many of our favorite shops have taken advantage of the new capabilities to bring customers their favorite bottles. These places go above and beyond to offer you the best alcohol delivery services.

Harford Road Liquors

Harford Road Liquors offers fantastic customer service, fast delivery, and an easy-to-use app. Customers love the welcoming staff and frequent discounts and promotions.

Edgewater Liquors

It’s easy to see why Edgewater Liquors has been in business for over 60 years. The store’s impressive selection of local craft beers, friendly staff, competitive pricing, and alcohol delivery services prove its dedicated customers have excellent taste.

Canton Crossing Wine & Spirits

The friendly employees at Canton Crossing Wine & Spirits are always ready to offer a recommendation and keep customers in the loop when traffic or weather delays their deliveries. 

Additionally, they go out of their way to order bottles not already included in their extensive collection and help patrons discover new beverages with the store’s designated tasting area and free weekly tastings. Canton Crossing Wine & Spirits has so many options it’s hard to know when to stop sampling. 

How to Recover from a Hangover in Maryland

Drinking responsibly is always the best plan. However, sometimes the night gets away from you, and you end up paying the price in the morning. Many hangover remedies can take the edge off, including:

  • Drinking lots of water
  • Getting a caffeine boost with coffee or tea
  • Consuming carbohydrates to help restore your blood sugar levels
  • Taking a pain reliever, like Advil or aspirin

While these options can put you on the path to recovery, the most effective way to knock out a hangover is through Reset IV.

Reset IV offers IV hydration, vitamins, and nutrients delivered right to your door to restore your energy, alleviate nausea, and get you back on track. With five different formulas targeting hangovers, Reset IV is sure to have you back on your feet.

Reset IV’s hangover treatments target the main symptoms that have you regretting that last drink… or three. The Hydration package infuses pure saline into your system, restoring your body’s hydration levels and targeting smaller hangovers on big days.

For those next-level hangovers, Reset IV’s Still Spinning package combines saline with either anti-nausea, pain relief, or anti-heartburn medication. But if you can’t choose which symptom to target, the Defcon 1 package is the best option to handle everything your hangover throws at you. 

Still not enough? Reset IV has a solution for epic hangovers as well. The Baller package addresses all of your hangover symptoms and more, adding the legendary Myers Cocktail to the mix so that you (and your liver) feel brand-new.

Whether you’re a planner who prefers hitting the Pre-Game package before a night out or a steady sipper overwhelmed with the alcohol delivery choices in Maryland, Reset IV can target your hangover needs. 

So if you are ready, book your package and party safely with Reset IV today. We are the premiere IV therapy provider in Maryland.